Music as an Effective Stimulant in Reiki

Ranging from the everyday blare of horns and ear-shattering modern genres, to soothing tunes that heal people and help them unwind from a long day, music is as old as existence itself or perhaps beyond that even. But while music is considered a part of life, the magnanimity of it as a universal rhythm that makes the world run is often missed by the common man. The universe itself is in a constant state of motion, and while the sheer scale of it all is hard to fathom, many philosophers, scientists and spiritualists have long confirmed that music is what keeps everything in tandem and absolute harmony, impossible as it may even sound.

The world is always moving, with a rhythm of its own, be it in the form a tree rustling in the wind, or a wave braking against a rock or washing up to the shore. Since it is the earthly forms of it that help clear one’s mind, Reiki has long been relying on music which has evolved over the years, now that the world has fewer places for one to get some peace and quiet.

A mixture of various instruments brought together to resemble the elements for the most part, Reiki music has many versions, for meditation, practicing healing, chakra suddhi (cleansing of the chakras), and asanas among others. Reiki music is also used in timed segments, the conclusion of which stands for the completion of a certain position in asanas, chakra suddhi, or heralding the need for a paradigm shift in meditation.

Reiki music is always a blend of pleasant, soothing tunes that help one get rid of the ever-present thoughts in one’s mind. Reiki music draws attention to itself, enhancing concentration by effectively working against thought-processes and other disturbances at one’s surroundings. While the pace at which Reiki music helps one attain a state of complete calm is agreeably gradual, it helps one get there eventually.

Reiki music does not altogether differ from other forms of music. But as something that belongs to the spiritual genre, it works as a distracting element, and guarantees a better, lasting experience that helps one clean oneself inside out, making one feel definitely well again and composed. Exposure to Reiki music for longer periods during meditation also results in a heightened sense of perception and a broadening horizon that encourages one to face problems physically or mentally, and solve them, one by one.