Top 10 Reiki Meditations and Exercises to Reduce Stress

Reiki has its roots in Japanese spiritual technique and it was introduced to the world by Mikao USO-a Buddhist. Hawayo Takata, student of the practitioner, played a role in bringing Reiki to the world. From her unveiling of this age old practice in 1937, the practice has grown and its followers have spread to various parts of the globe. A lot of qualified medical experts and doctors use reiki as a complementary tool to conventional treatments. It is said to bring effective relief in a number of physical ailments like nausea, insomnia, pain relief etc.

The concept of Reiki is based on energy centers called chakras existing in the human body. There are 7 such chakras that are related to various body parts and they play a role in physiological activities and healing process. Reiki practitioners use these chakras to heal energy blockages in human mind and body. The practitioner can make use of hands or crystals to eliminate the blockages in the recipient’s body. The duration of such healing sessions can be close to an hour.

Below listed are some proven Reiki exercises that bring relief from numerous stress factors:

1. Hands over Eyes – In this pose, you can keep your arms parallel to the floor and cover eyes with both palms while bending elbows. In this posture, energy is set towards eyes and the "third eye” is supposedly activated, helping the recipient connect with divinity.

2. Temples- Place both your hands on the temples or forehead with palms kept inward. This posture is supposed to integrate both sides of the brain and focus energy in the same direction.

3. Base of the Skull- Put both hands at the skull’s base, with elbows placed outwards. You may touch the third fingers of both hands. It is normal to feel the touching fingers warmer than others.

4. Throat and Jaw- Keep the fingers over sides with the fingertips pointing upwards, covering the jaw region. The Reiki practitioners are of the view, intense emotions reside in jaw region. By focusing healing energy in this zone, you let the pent up feelings shoot out.

5. The Heart- Place the hands on your chest with palms facing your body and elbows relaxed. Try to focus energy on the heart. Some recipients have reported that this pose makes them feel a protective wall is being broken down.

6. Solar Plexus- Place both hands on solar plexus, which is in the rib cage, underneath the chest. It is thought to be the human body’s power center, as per Reiki theory. Try to focus energy on this part. It is said to give the recipients increased confidence and a feeling of safety.

7. Abdomen- Place the hands at waistline. Put hands slightly downward to bring energy to this part. It supposedly releases negative thoughts. The pose is soothing and aids digestion process.

8. Pelvis- Place both hands over the pelvis region and hips. This part is meant for expressing creativity and ecstasy. Positive Reiki energy sent to this zone can soothe digestive problems.

9. Shoulder Blades- Slide both hands on your shoulders with the right hand touching the left shoulder. The fingers should be aiming downwards, as if you are going to pat on the back. This is effective for relieving stress bundled in this region.

10. Upper Back- First put the right hand over the heart with the fingers pointing upwards. Place the left hand on waist, right side. After a few minutes, reverse positions with left hand. A lot of people feel stress and tension at back part and this posture brings a peaceful feeling to their body.

Reiki practicing guidelines

There are a dozen Reiki hand placements, but the proponents say people can use their hands in positions they find most comfortable and relaxing. In the beginning, it is advisable that you keep hands on a body part for five minutes. In this phase, you can practice a session for 60 minutes for a month. Then you can reduce the frequency to once or twice per week.