Ayurveda for respiratory health

Ayurveda for respiratory health

Yes. I chose the word respiratory health over respiratory disorders. That is because in my opinion prevention and development of immunity play a far greater role here than treating the disorders.

In treating respiratory disorders, the emphasis of late has mostly turned out to be on giving quick and symptomatic relief. But it is equally important that they focus on developing their immunity and prevent recurrent attacks.

And this is where Ayurveda plays a very important role.

Asthma/bronchitis in children is curable through Ayurveda! In case of adults it can be managed very well. They can lead a symptom free and a normal life. The only thing that one needs is patience and perseverance. Immunity development can’t happen overnight. It can take anywhere between a year to sometimes even two to three years of treatment. But isn’t it all worth it?

Ayurvedic treatment covers the following aspects.

Developing immunity to the cause

The cause for respiratory diseases are innumerable. The most common ones being dust, pollution, climatic changes, pollen allergies etc. And in many cases it is virtually impossible to avoid the cause.

Ayurveda has wonderful medicines in the form of semisolid preparations called Lehyams, or herbal concoctions called Kashayam and fine powders of dried herbs called churnam.

A consultation with a doctor is all you need to find the right medicine that suits your body type and improves your immunity too!

Improving the Health of the Lungs and the Upper respiratory Tract

There are some special Ayurveda herbs that help achieve the above. There are certain panchakarma treatments too that are very beneficial here.

  • Nasya– A process where a few drops of medicated oil is administered through the nostrils. This process is preceded by a face massage and steam. Nasya is a great treatment for common cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, allergic cold, cough and many more. The oils are customised to suit the needs of the disease and the patient.
  • Dhooma– selected herbs, oils and pastes are wrapped in soft cotton cloth which is then lit. The patient is then asked to inhale the fumes that arise from them. This is a great way to ensure that the medicines reach the deepest parts of the lunch tissues and bronchioles. A great treatment in non-allergic bronchitis etc
  • Vamana– A specialised panchakarma procedure where selected herbs are used to induce a few bouts of vomiting. This will be carried out by expert panchakarma practitioners and therapists. This process ensures that the entire respiratory mucosa is cleared and strengthened. Widely used to treat asthma, recurrent chest congestions, COPD etc

Manage Body Weight

Your body weight is a factor too in improving your respiratory health.

If you are underweight then your immunity is less and it is important that we increase your weight to in turn increase your immunity. This is more important in children suffering from respiratory diseases. Ayurveda has special medications in the form of Lehyams and medicated ghee to achieve the same

If you are overweight then your lung capacity is reduced further. Ayurvedic treatment for obesity which is both safe and effective is a great option

Importance of other Systems

Yoga and exercises like cycling swimming etc are very effective in improving ones lung capacity. If they are used in combination with Ayurveda you get faster and better relief!