Ayurveda for the eyes

Your eyes deserve as much attention as your body, skin and hair. But it is unfortunate that most of us fail to give our eyes the care they deserve.

Prevention of eye disorders:

Children these days are more exposed to bright screens like smartphones, tablets, laptops and what not. It may not be entirely possible to zero the exposure to bright light, but it is certainly important that we reduce it and educate them on the need to care for their eyes. And very importantly prevent them using these electronic gadgets an hour prior to their bedtime.

Diet is a again a very important aspect in preventive care. A healthy nutritious diet will take care of the eyes too.

If there is a family history of eye disorders, then please consult a Ayurveda Physician. There are excellent herbs in Ayurveda which can help prevent eye disorders and even improve ones visual acquity!

Age related problems like cataract, senile myopia, diminished visual acquity and others are not preventable, but we certainly can delay their onset. Here again Ayurveda herbs can help you.

Everyday eye care:

We exercises to maintain our health, use cremes and packs for skin care, oils, shampoos and what not for the hair. But eye care?? It is something we need to start practicing.

This is the electronic era and all of us have at least one gadget to contend with. We spend hours working on the laptop or watching television or even fiddling with our smart phones.

And with it comes a new set of disorders - dry eyes, eye strain, headaches due to eye strain and many more.

There are few simple things that one can do to prevent eye disorders and to care for the eyes.

  • Palming - rub your hands vigorously, cup them and place them on your eyes for five minutes. You can do this ten to twelve times in day wherever you are and whenever you can.
  • Foot massage - Ayurveda believes this is one of the best ways to protect your eyes and it is best if you can use it as part of your daily regime. Five minutes of foot massage with a prescribed Ayurvedic oil or simply with sesame oil at bed time is a excellent practice. It helps in de stressing the entire body too.
  • Oil bath - a practice that has existed in India for hundreds of years! But we have somehow failed to practice it of late.
  • Again use a prescribed Ayurvedic oil or simple sesame oil, heat it indirectly and apply it all over the body followed by a warm water bath. Practice it once a week and start noticing the effects. Your energy levels go up, your aches and pains come down and in the long run the health of your Hair, Skin and Eyes are taken care of.

  • Lastly protect your eyes from bright sun rays, dust and other pollutants. You can use sun glasses, helmets, umbrellas etc.

If dust and smoke are part of your occupation and hence the exposure is greater please consult a Ayurveda doctor. There are some excellent eye drops in Ayurveda that can cleanse your eyes and even reduce eye strain. They are very safe too and hence can be used regularly.

Treatment of eye disorders:

Early myopia in children is curable through Ayurveda! There are treatments for various other eye disorders as well.

Treatments will be a combination of

  • Internal medications
  • External applications - eye drops etc
  • Therapies - there are specially designed therapies for treatment of eye disorders in Ayurveda like Netra Tarpana, Seka, Netra Pinda and many more!

So why not opt for this effective, safe and time tested system to care for your eyes.