Ayurvedic Detox and its importance in Women's Health

Ayurveda panchakarma therapies are popularly known as the detox therapies. They are the main curative and preventive techniques employed in Ayurveda.

Panchakarma therapies achieve much more than detoxification though. They re-energise, rejuvenate and are anti ageing!

These therapies are a course,that take about five to ten sittings and in case the disease is severe/chronic, they can last for about 21 sittings or even 30. And each sitting may take about 45 minutes.

Ideally we would like to admit the patient in a Ayurveda treatment centre and then carry out out these procedures, under the watchful eye of the doctors and therapists. Food, activities and even entertainment are monitored by the doctors.

But, the competitive world that we are living in,does not offer us the luxury of taking off for a week to ten days. And more so in the case of women. Work and family commitments make it nearly impossible for women to opt for the In-house panchakarma treatments. That is main reason why various panchakarma centres have mushroomed across major Indian cities. And women deserve to and need to take some time off to avail these opportunities to protect their health.

The general health concerns apart,

  • Women are more prone to certain forms of Arthritis and other bone diseases.
  • Indian women largely suffer from iron, calcium and vitamin deficiencies due to poor diet, over work and insufficient personal care.
  • Post delivery problems, menopause, hormonal problems are also to be contended with.
  • Hair and skin diseases if any, affects women more than men.
  • Being the pillar of the family she ends up having the maximum work and responsibilities. And hence it is important that women are anxiety free, strong and motivated.

This is where panchakarma is a great aid. It is

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Quick acting - Ayurveda has time and again been charged with being too slow in treating diseases(Yes. It takes longer to root out a disease than just treat the symptoms!) But panchakarma is one technique that gives you quick relief minus the side effects.

Here are a few such therapies that will benefit women.

  • Virechana -a specialised detox therapy where toxins are removed by inducing purgation. This is an excellent treatment in obesity, hormonal imbalance, skin diseases, and many more.
  • Basti - Here medicated herbal oils and decoctions are administered through the anal route, and thus the medicines manage to reach the pelvic region directly. A great treatment in Infertility, Uterine problems, Back pain, Digestive disturbances and many more.
  • Nasya - here few drops of medicated oil is administered through the nose. A women's reproductive health is mainly concerned with the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary. Nasya effectively treats such problems. It is also a excellent treatment for pigmentations and marks on the face.
  • Shali Pinda sweda - a beautiful type of massage where Shali - a special variety of rice is cooked with herbal decoctions, oils and powders which is then bundled into a fine cloth and used for massage. Thus the herbs slowly get infused into the skin. This is a wonderfully relaxing procedure that leaves you with a glowing skin!
  • Seka - Medicated herbs are boiled in water to form a herbal decoction. This Luke warm decoction is then poured in a steady stream over the affected areas or the entire body. This is a great way to reduce pain and swelling. It is also a safe way to treat pregnant women who complain of swelling and pain in the legs.

There are many many more such wonderful therapies in Ayurveda for Women's Health care, but do consult a qualified doctor before you choose to take these therapies. Remember , any treatment if improperly or unnecessarily administered will cause harm and the same if properly administered will be Curative , Preventive and Rejuvinative!