Diet To Be Followed By Diabetic Covid Patients

Diet For Diabetic Covid Patients

COVID-19, a serious disease of concern that has turned into a health emergency for the whole world. Many countries are severely suffering from COVID impact. Individuals with pre-existing health issues are at a higher risk of this virus. Diabetes is the most common disease observed in everyone in the whole world, it’s important to understand the coronavirus and diabetes. Besides, knowing diet for diabetic covid patients is also much needed.

Covid-19 And Diabetes

Diabetic people and those close by should take all necessary precautions to stay safe and avoid getting affected. Doubly follow the protocols issued by ICMR. Coronavirus and diabetes are a deadly combination as the virus is mutating and we don't hold complete information about it. So, with that said, diabetic people while following the safety rules and monitoring their health should also work on their diet. Diet for diabetic COVID patients is different depending on their health condition and at times can be prescribed by their doctors.

Can Food Affect Your Blood Sugar Levels?

Yes. The sugar in the food we eat enters the blood. Insulin from the pancreas carries this blood to the other body parts where it is converted to energy and is used for the body’s functioning. The blood sugar levels that keep on getting accumulated because of any reason then lead to diabetes. This sudden extreme accumulation or raise in sugar levels is highly avoided.

Blood sugar levels are observed to rise after eating food and the amount of increase depends on the quantity and type of food we take along with the body activity. Usually, it’s believed that high-calorie food could raise sugar levels in the blood which is not always correct. Actually, the food we eat like rice, bread, fruits, sugar, etc are high in carbohydrates and cause a quick rise in blood sugar levels. Next to this carbohydrate-rich food is high protein food like fish, milk and other dairy products, meat, oil, etc. So, if we control or limit eating carbohydrate food then we won’t feel satisfied and so rely on protein or fat-rich food. So, it’s better to have an idea of what foods are low in GI for healthy living.

Tips To Control Blood Sugar Levels During A Covid Pandemic

Considering this as a chance for the controllable to be controlled, as we got a good amount of time during this pandemic. Let’s get a look at a few tips to control blood sugar levels during this pandemic.

  • Be sure to take medicines as prescribed by your doctor to control the susceptibility of catching the virus.
  • Make exercise part of your lifestyle while you stay at home to keep your body active and thus have controlled sugar levels.
  • Eat properly and manage a balanced diet. Intake of nothing and too much of anything both increase the risk of diabetes.
  • Choose to do things that would improve your immunity system.
  • As diabetics already suffer the risk of stress especially during this pandemic. So keep doing things that would help you manage mental stress like staying in touch with your dear ones etc.
  • Monitoring your blood sugar levels regularly will help you take necessary measures to further control the high blood sugar levels.
  • Improve your quality sleep period.

The better you check and control your sugar levels, the better way it is to keep the coronavirus at the bay.

The Best Diet For Diabetic Covid Patients

There are many studies and doctors who suggest that a healthy diet and few lifestyle changes can do miracles in diabetics and as well avoid the condition of non-diabetics. Type 2 diabetics are highly suggested to use a dietary approach to control their blood sugar levels in the first move. To be simple, this dietary approach in many cases not only prevents the disease but also reverses the actual diabetic condition in a few. Diet for corona sugar patients must be highly hygienic and as per the diet, schedule prescribed. Diabetes is actually a progressive kind of disease and so don’t just keep on poking yourself with the insulin, instead figure out a way to take control of the disease.

Here are few ways that can be made as a diet for corona sugar patients;

  • Watch your carb intake.
  • Never skip meals
  • Keep yourself away from large meals. Instead have small meals and periodic intervals.
  • Increase your fiber dependency.
  • Extra weight has its own consequences. The more unwanted weight, the more are the complications. So cut on the extra weight.
  • Stay hydrated with more and more water.
  • Never ever mind skipping breakfast.
  • Potatoes and beans are resistant to rich starch. So, add them a little more to your plate.
  • Raw broccoli and its sprouts will be more helpful.
  • Other foods like seafood, pumpkin and its seeds, nuts, nut butter, okra, flax seeds, beans, lentils, chia seeds, kale, etc are on the benefiting items list.
  • Avoid as much as possible - candies, cookies, salty snacks, juices, soda, white bread, processed cereals. white rice etc.

Stick to this diet for diabetic covid patients to stay safe in this tough time.


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