Five Most Powerful Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda is an ancient medical science that has been followed in India since 5000 years and still is practiced across the globe and considered the best alternative medicine. The medical science of Ayurveda is currently added to the western medical system and a lot of people are getting it as a complementary system of treatment to cure the existing ailments. Ayurvedic medications are prescribed as an additional healing system and not as the only medication to relieve the diseases and it prove to be efficient in delivering the desired results. Various types of treatments of Ayurveda are given to people across the world, as a complement to what they take currently.

The Treatments of Ayurveda :

The plant based medicines are the chief form medications available in Ayurveda. This does not rule out the use of animal based products though. The following are used as medicines internally to be eaten and even at times to be externally applied to the body of the affected:

  • Herbs
  • Oils
  • Herbal pastes.

In holistic institutions and therapeutic spas, the treatment is given by analyzing the patient and then giving out the relevant medicines to balance the mind and body of the patient. The medicines intend to offer pleasing and gentle quality of life. The famous five treatments of Ayurveda are :

    • Pizichilli
    • Udvartna
    • Gnadharva
    • Shirodhara
    • Marma junctions

Pizichilli Treatment :

This treatment is given to relax the body while the blood circulation is regulated throughout the body and detoxicating is also done in this process. Herbal oils that are warm are applied to the body as massage and the body is rejuvenated. This is one of the various types of treatments and this massage purifies the body as the toxins are reduced.

Udvartna Treatment :

This treatment is done to enhance the blood circulation throughout the body and the skin is exfoliated and the muscles are stimulated. There are 2 therapists who perform the treatment with the herbal oils and pastes. The body is drained of the lymphatic fluid and one can experience enlightenment. The fluids are reduced which makes it possible for one to feel that he or she is not heavy and gust of energy is also experienced.

Gandharva Treatment :

This is a sound therapy and a harmonic treatment. This treatment is given to make the body and mind tranquil. There are crystal singing bowls used to make the sound and these targets the energy of the individual, of both physique and psyche. The patient’s vigor and ecstasy are enhanced. A significant point to be noted is that there are no herbs, oils or pastes and even no touch of the therapists. The sound plays an important role and it is rather an astonishment that the sound has a great effect on the mind and body.

Shirodhara Treatment :

This treatment is for the central nervous system. This treatment encourages a meditative state in the treated. The energy center of the body, the forehead is rubbed with warm herbal oil by the therapist, when the treated is in a relaxed state of mind. You can become more artistic and instinctual if this part of the body, which holds the sixth chakra is treated with frequent sessions of Shirodhara treatment.

Marma Junctions :

This treatment symbolizes the juncture of mind, body and emotions. The ultimate well being is resulted as the therapists perform the circular touches that are bound to stimulate the energy points of the body.