6 Natural Remedies for Intestinal Parasites in the Body

Herbal remedies for intestinal parasites

Suffering from unexplained bloating? Developed unexplained rashes suddenly? Find yourself grinding your teeth in your sleep? If you are facing these issues, then it could be a case of worms or intestinal parasites as they are ideally called. Did you just shudder, thinking ewww, worms? Well, you are not the only one. Most people would squirm and feel squeamish at the thought of intestinal parasites, but they do live inside your body is a fact. Here’s what intestinal worms really are.

Microscopic organisms that feed on another organism are called parasites. The ones mentioned above are known as intestinal parasites as they are known to stick to the walls of the intestine, though they can live anywhere inside the body. To know if you suffer from them here’s a list of signs of intestinal parasites.

  • Suffering from diarrhea, gas suddenly
  • You suffered from food poisoning recently, and find your digestion is not too good after that
  • Mysterious rashes, hives and irritations on the skin
  • Find yourself waking up many times at night
  • Grind your teeth in your sleep
  • Feel tired, exhausted, depressed and listless all the time
  • Don’t feel like you have eaten enough
  • You suffer from anemia with iron deficiency

Infections from parasites can cause a lot of harm including blindness, heart failure, stroke, and even death in some cases. Nature has provided us with a number of foods that help to make our body inhospitable to such parasites. There are natural remedies that help you fight against them. Of course, you can always take a tablet to get rid of worms, but we have a few herbal remedies for intestinal parasites that you can make a note of.


onion works wonders against Intestinal parasite treatment

The must have kitchen ingredient contains powerful sulphur compounds that fight against parasites effectively. The juice of an onion works wonders against intestinal worms especially threadworm and tapeworm.

To have: Have 2 teaspoons of onion juice twice for a fortnight.


garlic Intestinal parasite treatment

Another food essential in India, garlic is a very powerful herb and has been used for the treatment of bacterial and viral infections for ages. It works quite effectively to get rid of roundworms and giardia worms from the intestines.

3.Natural Coconut Oil:

Not the coconut hair oil, but the oil that you would get at a store that sells different types of oils in India. Coconut is a miracle food that is full of nutrition and good saturated fats. These saturated detoxify your system and prevent parasites like flukes and giardia from developing in the intestine.

To have: Add a little coconut oil to your smoothies or other drinks if you have any. If you are not a smoothie fan, then you can drink ½ tsp of coconut oil instead.

4.Pumpkin Seeds or Magaz:

Research studies have found pumpkin seeds are natural anthelmintic, i.e. they help to get rid of parasites from your digestive system by flushing them out of the body. The compounds available in the pumpkin seeds or Magaz work to paralyze the worms, which do not allow them to stick to the walls of the intestine.

To have: Roast a handful or seeds in the oven or on a flat skillet. You can munch on them anytime.


Another wonderful option for intestinal parasite treatment is eating almonds. A few research studies show that almonds are anti-parasitic in nature. The Omega 3 fatty acids present in almonds help to reduce irritation in the intestine while preventing growth of the parasites.

To have: Doctors recommend having at least 5 almonds a day after soaking them overnight.

5.Papaya Seeds:

papaya are effective in fighting against worms

The Maryland Medical Center and Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine found the seeds of a papaya are effective in fighting against worms in the stomach. Another study corroborated the fact when they found people who had honey mixed with papaya seeds were able to get rid of the worms in 75% of the cases through their stools. These seeds have a slightly distinct pepper flavor. You can also make pineapple and pomegranate a part of your diet as their astringent properties work to get rid of worms too.

To have: Sprinkle on top of salads or other dishes. You can even munch on them. If you are not worried about the flavor then you can definitely add it to a smoothie.

6.Aloe Vera:

Another herbal remedy for intestinal parasites is the versatile Aloe Vera. This herb is used for various purposes right from burns to frostbite. It also has powerful properties that can be used to purge out parasites effectively.

To have: Aloe is available in different forms like the juice, gel, powder as well as pellets. If you are a child or pregnant, avoid aloe. Consult your doctor before you have it.

Traditional healers also recommend other herbs like the wormwood, male fern, black walnut tincture, epazote to be used as intestinal parasite treatment. However, since some of these can be deadly in certain cases, it is recommended that you consult one of the best Naturopathy Doctors in Hyderabad or Naturopathy Hospitals in Hyderabad before using them to get rid of worms.