6 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Papaya Seeds

Medicinal Values of Papaya Seeds

Papaya is a tropical and popular fruit that is liked by millions of people for its sweet taste and numerous health benefits. However, many of those do not know how beneficial the seeds of the fruit are! A lot of them actually discard the seeds from both raw and ripe papayas when making dishes with the fruit. The truth is papaya seeds are replete with various nutrients and its health benefits are too good to be ignored. From improving digestion to boosting kidney health, eating papaya seeds can make a positive change in your health. The seeds have somewhat tangy and slightly bitter taste, but that should not be a deterrent in eating them. You can eat these seeds with honey or crush them and then use in soups and salads. However, women who are lactating or have conceived should not eat it. Otherwise, it does not have serious side effects.

Papaya is one fruit a lot of people love gorging on but most of them eat only the ripe, sweet flesh. Even the raw papaya flesh is cooked in various dishes. However, chances are like most people, you have always discarded seeds of papaya, no matter if it is raw or ripe! If the answer is yes, then it could be the time you change your habit and mindset. While millions of people may be oblivious to the reality, papaya seeds are edible and eating them can bring numerous health benefits for humans. This has been corroborated by several study findings. The medicinal Values of Papaya Seeds can make you amazed, but once you realize, you are unlikely to scoop out the blackish seeds after cutting a papaya.

Nutritional Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Just like the flesh of Papaya fruit, its seeds are also replete with nutrients. It contains key nutrients like vitamin A, Vitamin C, Folate, potassium, calcium, magnesium along with a fair amount of dietary fiber. These nutrients play a major role in keeping human body functioning properly.

Below Listed are The Major Benefits of Papaya Seeds:

Healthy Liver:

Unless your liver is in shape and functions properly, you cannot lead a healthy life. Using Papaya seeds for liver health is prudent. Eating papaya seeds on a regular basis helps in discarding toxins from the liver. However, those already using liver medications should proceed after talking with a doctor to ensure they can obtain the medicinal values of Papaya Seeds.

Antibacterial and Antiviral Properties:

Papaya seed has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Therefore, consuming these seeds helps in boosting your immunity levels. The enzymes in these seeds can combat bacteria and viruses affecting the body internally. Eating these seeds can be helpful in staving off bacteria like salmonella and E coli. It can also be helpful to ease stomach infection caused by bacteria. Dengue fever, a viral infection has also been treated by it in places like Costa Rica. In fact, these seeds are effective in eliminating intestinal worms and parasites without causing side effects. Typhoid fever is treated with these seeds in Nigeria.

Kidney Health:

A study by researchers at the University of Karachi has shown eating papaya seeds can be good for your kidney health. Kidney detoxification by papaya seeds is better than going for OTC medications for the same.

Relief of Inflammatory Conditions:

Millions of people suffer from inflammatory ailments like arthritis. Eating these seeds with food can be helpful in reducing the symptoms since these have anti-inflammatory properties. This is among the major health benefits of Papaya Seeds.

Better Digestion:

If you suffer from digestive tract problems often, it is time you say goodbye to the habit of ingesting regular digestive pills at the drop of a hat. You may try papaya seeds to improve digestive health and reduce severity of digestive problems. The enzyme papain in these seeds aids in human digestion. So, you can try papaya seed extracts for digestive problems.

Natural Contraceptive:

If you are weary of artificial ways to implement birth control, try papaya seeds. These seeds act as excellent natural contraceptive agents for both women and men. This does not lead to any side effect.

Ways to Consume Papaya Seeds

As a matter of fact, the taste and flavor of papaya seeds are nothing like the fruit flesh! These seeds look like black pepper seeds and have a bitter and spicy taste. However, this factor should not deter you from availing medicinal Values of Papaya Seeds. Below listed are the ways to consume papaya seeds.

  • Papaya seeds can be used to make meats tender. So, before cooking meat, you can marinate it in crushed papaya seeds. This way you can enjoy tender meat with added benefits.

  • You can crush the seeds after drying them in the sun. Then, you can use them in salads and soups as spice instead of black pepper. Adding the seeds to fruit and vegetable salads lends a different texture to the salad and you will not feel the taste too bitter as well.

  • If you find the taste too bitter, try to gulp down the seeds with honey. However, using organic honey is the best option here. Raw honey has proven antibacterial property and combined with the antimicrobial nature of papaya seeds, it can be really good for digestive health.

Papaya seed capsules are nowadays sold in the market, but it is advisable you use fresh papaya seeds for maximum benefits.

Is There Any Side Effect?

While you can eat papaya seeds for Gut health and other health benefits, a few things should be taken into account. This will help you evade any adverse effects.

Women who conceive should not consume papaya seeds. Otherwise, it can lead to birth defects. Risk of abortion cannot be ruled out as well. Similarly, men who are planning to become fathers should not eat these seeds. Eating papaya seeds leads to a temporary reduction in male fertility. Women who are breastfeeding infants should also avoid eating these seeds.

While the Benefits are numerous, these are not suitable for kids who are under 1 year. Infants have underdeveloped digestive system that cannot handle the alkaloid nature of these seeds.

If you are on a weight loss mission, eating papaya seeds in moderation makes sense. These seeds contain natural fats. Besides, eating papaya seeds in excess can actually lead to stomach problems. The enzyme papain is beneficial for digestion, but the stomach cannot tolerate it when you eat in excessive amounts.

Summing it All Up

There is no denying the numerous medicinal Values of Papaya Seeds but you should proceed with a little caution. Eating the seeds is possible in many ways and you can pick what suits you the best. However, ensure you eat these seeds in moderate amounts to avoid hassles later. Get some more additional information about consumption of Papaya seeds and its extracts from the Best Ayurvedic Treatment Centers and Best Ayurvedic Specialists in Bangalore or the city you live in.