Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies For Bronchitis

Homeopathic Remedies for Bronchitis

What is Bronchitis?

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchi. To understand what Bronchitis is, it is important to know what your respiratory tract looks like. The bronchus is that part of the respiratory system which helps to carry air from the nasal cavity into the lungs. The main bronchus below the Trachea divides into left and right bronchi which extend into the right and left lungs respectively.

Bronchitis can be acute or chronic depending on the onset, duration, and progress of the illness. Acute Bronchitis is an inflammation of the lining of bronchi which is usually of a short duration and often caused by bacterial or viral infection. An acute infection is characterized by fever, cough with expectoration and wheezing.

Chronic Bronchitis is characterized by a cough and production of excessive trachea-bronchial mucous production. It is often associated with relapses and exacerbations. Cigarette smoking is an important cause of chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is often included under Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD).  A normal bronchus is wide, allowing free passage of air from and to the lungs; whereas the inflamed one is swollen and contains mucous plugs along the lining, permitted lesser air to pass thereby making it difficult for the person having bronchitis to breathe.

Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies for Treatment of Bronchitis:

1. Arsenicum Album

Complaints after eating fruits, especially watery ones. Fear of suffocation at night. A cough worse from lying on the back after midnight and from cold food and drinks. Expectoration is scanty and appears frothy. Wheezing during respiration.

2. Kali Bichrom

All symptoms are worse in morning. More adapted to sub acute types of bronchitis. Catarrhal affections of the larynx and bronchi producing a tough and stringy discharge. A cough has a brass like sound with yellowish expectoration. Complaints are better from warmth.

3. Pulsatilla

Dry type of a cough worse in evening and at night. Unable to lie down. Has to sit up to get relief. Expectoration tends to loosen in the morning. Expectoration is copious, thick and greenish. Passes urine while coughing. Complaints are better from open air.

4. Rumex

A cough caused by a sensation of tickling in the throat. Touching the throat-pit brings on the cough. A cough worse from cold air and better from covering up. This remedy significantly reduces the secretions from the bronchi and at the same time also increases the sensibility of the respiratory tract.

5. Phosphorus

Suited to the sub-acute type of bronchitis. A cough from tickling sensation inside the throat and from cold air, strong odours, talking and laughing. The sensation of tightness in the chest with difficulty in breathing. Complaints are better in the open air. A dry cough is associated with chest pain. Trembling of the whole body during a cough.

6. Antim Tart

Remarkable action in cases of bronchitis with excessive mucous production. Most frequently used in affections of the respiratory tract. Ailments from vaccination. Bronchial tubes are loaded with mucous. There is rattling of mucous inside the airways but the patient is unable to bring up expectoration. Breathing is rapid, short and difficult. A cough with pain in the chest. Complaints are better by lying on right side.

7. Bryonia

Excellent remedy for bronchitis with a dry cough. Complaints arising when the days are hot and nights are cold. All complaints are worse from moving and better from absolute rest. A dry cough from irritation in the trachea. A cough is worse at night. The patient has to sit up in bed and hold the chest while coughing. Stitching type of pain in chest on coughing. A cough is aggravated by eating, drinking and from the warm room.

8. Merc Sol

An excellent remedy in the inflammatory catarrhal type of bronchitis. Complaints are worse at night, from the warmth of the bed and from tobacco smoke. Breath and discharges of the patient have a foul smell. A cough with muco-purulent expectoration.

9. Ipecac

Persistent nausea with all complaints. Ailments from cakes, raisins, and indigestible food. Chest feels full of mucous. A cough is violent and constant with difficulty in breathing. A cough is suffocative. In children, the patient turns blue from suffocation. Nausea and hoarseness of voice with a cough.

10. Carbo Veg

Sub acute and chronic bronchitis. Can be used in persons who have not fully recovered from their previous illness. A cough is spasmodic, caused by irritation in larynx with vomiting of mucous. Difficulty in breathing during a cough. A cough with burning sensation in the chest. A cough is worse in evening, open air, after eating and talking.

The above list mentions only the most commonly used remedies for Bronchitis. Apart from this list, Homeopathy has a wide range of medicines to offer for management of bronchitis. It is advisable for patients to seek an opinion from a registered homeopath for his/ her complaints. It is also important to know that besides all these medicines available, the patients must not forget to make use of auxiliary measures such as steam inhalation and nebulization to help achieve quicker relief from their complaints.