Homeopathy Treatment For Breast Cancer

homeopathy treatment for breast cancer

Cancer is the most dreaded word in the present time. The healthcare sector in India as well as globally has been focusing majorly on educating people about measures that can be taken for cancer prevention. This includes diet, lifestyle changes, consumption of “super foods” and using a more holistic and natural approach for the treatment of their illnesses.

How Does Breast Cancer Develop?

A normal female breast is made up of the following structures:

  • Lobules – Milk-producing glands
  • Ducts – Tiny tubules that carry milk from lobules to the nipples
  • Stroma – Fatty and connective tissues present around the ducts and globules which is rich in blood and lymphatic supply.

Cancer involves the growth and multiplication of abnormal cells. Breast cancer can begin in any part of the breast.

Causes of Breast Cancer

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Aging
  • The family history of breast cancer
  • Exposure to radiation
  • Post-menopausal hormone replacement therapy
  • Oral contraceptives
  • Nulliparous women – women who have not had children or late pregnancy
  • Not breastfeeding
  • Lifestyle factors such as cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, increased consumption of fatty food, less consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and poor sleeping patterns

Homeopathy Treatment for Breast Cancer

Homeopathy is a science based on the concept of “law of similar”, which means that disease producing the power of a remedy is its disease curing powers. Based on this concept, Homoeopathic physicians provide a holistic approach towards treatment of any illness by prescribing medicines based on symptom similarity of the patient and a remedy.

Homeopathy, over the last few years, has proved to be effective in the management of cancer cases as well as treat post-chemotherapy effects. For this reason, homeopathy is being increasingly integrated along with conventional medicine in the management of cancer cases.

From 1990 to 2005, Prasanta Banerji Homoeopathic Research Foundation in Kolkata, from a base of 17324 cancer patients were successful in achieving 19% complete regression and 21% stabilization or partial regression by prescribing specific homeopathic treatments for specific types of cancers.

A study has also been published recently in the International Journal of Oncology has demonstrated the cytotoxic effect of four homeopathic medicines against two breast cancer line cells, namely MCF-7, MDA-MB-231causing delay in cell death.

Researchers have also proved that homeopathic remedies have effects on cancer cells similar to paclitaxel, a commonly used drug in chemotherapy, without damage to other normal cells.

Some Commonly Used Homoeopathic Remedies For The Treatment Of Breast Cancer Along With Their Indications Include

1. Asterias Rubens

This remedy has an excellent role especially in cases of breast cancer. 

Breasts are swollen and feel hard. 

Left breast feels as if pulled inwards. Pain extends over the inner arm to the end of the little finger.

Indicated for cancer of breast even at the ulcerative stage.

Glands of axilla are swollen, hard and knotty.

2. Carbo Animalis

This remedy is suited to people who have a tendency for enlarged glands and old people with debilitating diseases and feeble circulation.

Painful swelling and hardening of the breasts, especially right side. 

3. Conium

This remedy is indicated for the growth of tumors. It is useful for people who have a tendency to cancerous growths.

This remedy has its action on glands which become enlarged and painful.

Breasts are shrunken, hard and painful to touch. Stitching type of pain in nipples. 

4. Hydrastis

This remedy works beneficially in cases of cancer before ulceration takes place. 

It is indicated in tumors of the breast with retracted nipples.

Painful tumors of the breast.

5. Plumbum Iodatum

This remedy is specifically indicated for tumors and indurations of mammary glands, especially when they are inflamed, painful with soreness and tenderness. 

The skin over the affected breast is very dry.

6. Phytolacca

This remedy is indicated for glandular enlargement with pain and swelling.

Tumors of the breast with enlargement of axillary glands. 

Breast is hard, painful and turns purplish in color.

Presence of cracks and ulcers around the nipples.

7. Chimaphila Umbellata

This remedy is indicated for cancer of breasts in women having very large breasts. 

Cancer of breasts with sharp pain and undue secretion of milk. Painful tumors of breasts without ulceration.

8. Graphites

This remedy is indicated for women with a history of delayed menses and with a tendency to take cold easily. 

Breasts are swollen and hard. Nipples are sore, cracked and blistered.

9. Silicea

It is indicated for cancer of breasts with soreness of nipples. Nipples are drawn in and later ulcerate.

Fistulous ulcers of the breast and hard lumps of the breast.

10. Scrophularia Nodosa

This remedy has a powerful effect on enlarged glands with a special affinity of breast tumors. It is frequently used in practice for dissipation of breast tumors.

Presence of enlarged nodes in the breast.

11. Bromium

This remedy acts well on people who have a tendency for glands to enlarge and become hard.

Tumor of breasts with stitching type of pain, worse on the left side.

Stitching pain extending for breasts to the axilla.

Sharp, shooting pain in left breast aggravated by pressure.

There are over 100 homeopathic remedies which are capable of managing cases of breast cancer with miraculous results when chosen correctly and in the right dose and potency. It is therefore important to visit a qualified homeopath to receive a tailor-made treatment not just for cancer of breast but also for other minor or major illnesses.

Unfortunately, though, there are many cancer cases which report to a homeopathic doctor when the disease has already reached an advanced stage. There too, homeopathy works beneficially to give symptomatic relief to the patient.


Dr. Himanshi Purohit

Dr. Himanshi is a Homeopathic consultant currently working as a lecturer in Post-graduate faculty of Homeopathy, Parul University, Vadodara.