How is Tofu Good for Your Health?

Remember the super hit animated film Kung Fu Panda where the lead characters Po and his father Ping sell tofu noodles? That’s how popular it is. The accidental discovery of tofu dates back to almost 2000 years ago when a Thai cook accidentally left soy milk to curdle. Though the curd smelled a little different, it tasted heavenly when cooked. Tofu, a part of every Chinese and Thai dish, is slowly gaining popularity in all countries solely because of its protein and iron content. Made from soya bean milk, tofu is more like diary pressed cheese and tastes really good when cooked properly. Amino acids, iron, calcium and protein mainly constitute tofu but it is also rich in minerals like manganese, selenium, and zinc and copper.

Soya beans and soy milk are usually recommended for women who reach their menopausal stage. Lower carbohydrates, high iron and calcium and less fat make it a great food for women and the elderly who are undergoing major bodily changes. Since tofu is made from the same soy milk, it is no less of a wonder food.

Here’s a list of all those health problems you can stay away from when you consume tofu regularly.

1. Menopause effects – Women who reach their 50s hit this phase and experience a plethora of side effects. Hot flashes, sweating, stomach cramps, bone loss, muscle and joint aches and body pains are quite common for them. Studies revealed that women who consumed plenty of tofu during menopause were able to fight the symptoms effectively than those who did not. The high calcium and iron content in tofu boosts the overall health and balances oestrogen levels in the body.

2. Baldness and other hair problems – Our hair needs a lot of protein to stay intact on the scalp and grow healthily. Lack of protein breaks the hair, causes split ends and uproots them from the scalp. Tofu, when consumed in the right quantities, can enrich the scalp and the hair with protein and other amino acids and make it strong. Instead of running around trichology clinics, add tofu to your meals and flaunt your tresses.

3. Cardiovascular diseases – Heart problems can hit people of all ages and there is absolutely no escape. The main reason behind these is high levels of LDL and bad cholesterol that accumulate through the junk we eat. Tofu is studded with amino acids that reduce cholesterol content and balance LDL too. It also corrects blood flow to the heart and reduces blood pressure.

4. Aging and skin problems – Harmful sunlight rays, pollution, stress and crazy lifestyles can take a toll on our skin and cause wrinkles, blemishes, scars and other spots that make us look old. Though face packs and beauty treatments temporarily cleanse the skin, only tofu can permanently heal it. Tofu retains the elasticity of our skin and tones it. Adding tofu to your diet or using a tofu based face skin pack can definitely work wonders for you.

Storing and Cooking Tofu

Tofu is available like cheese and paneer in all stores. You can buy and store it in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. It doesn’t get spoilt easily but storing it too long can alter its taste. Press the tofu block to drain all its water content. Chop tofu into tiny chunks and add it to your dish towards the end because tofu gets cooked very fast. You can also fry tofu a little and add it to your salad.