Irregular Periods While Breastfeeding- Causes, And Tips To Prevent

Irregular Periods While Breastfeeding

Irregular periods while breastfeeding can be the result of many causes but hormonal changes play a main role. However, this irregularity normalizes following a year or so. Follow the article to know the causes of irregular periods while breastfeeding.

Can You Have Irregular Periods While Breastfeeding?

The chance of irregular periods while breast-feeding is very common and breastfeeding can delay the period. It is a welcome bonus for moms wishing to postpone menstruation for more than 9 months.

There's nothing to wonder or worry about when you again start menstruating while you are breastfeeding. Experiencing irregular periods and spotting is very common. It can be answered with hormones that lead to amenorrhea.

What Causes Irregular Periods While Breastfeeding?

Although breastfeeding has an impact on periods it changes from woman to woman and is also impacted as your nursing changes with time. The time taken for a period to return can be different for everybody as said by a gynecologist.

The irregular pattern also depends on whether you're breastfeeding or not and in case you don't lactate periods return to normalcy in a couple of months, however, few people may return to the normal stage even while breastfeeding.

To say in nutshell hormonal changes play a significant role. The changes in hormones can lead to irregular periods for a short duration or indefinite duration during nursing. Complex hormone interactions result in lactation and one hormone that elevates during nursing is prolactin which again affects the GnRH-a hormone that regulates the period. Due to increased levels normal interaction is changed leading to irregular periods. Besides irregularity, it can also hold back periods.

According to gynecologists hormones linked with breastfeeding are even part of deciding periods. Also, remember that apart from irregular menstruation irregular periods with pain are also common.

While the majority of women resume normalcy within about 6 months following delivery it can as well be irregular for a year or so and still it's normal.

Irregular Periods While Breastfeeding - Is It Normal

It is very much normal to go through this condition. As discussed above irregular periods often associated with blood, uterine tissue and mucus are common and things fall in line within 6 to 8 weeks or more based on whether you're breastfeeding or not.

How Long Does It Take For Your Period To Regulate After A Baby?

It varies from woman to woman. Hormones need time to return to normalcy more importantly if you're breastfeeding your child. While one menstrual cycle could be for 24 days the other will be for 28 days and again another one will be for 35 days. In most cases, the cycle will stabilize within months after stopping breastfeeding.

Can Irregular Periods Affect Milk Supply?

Irrespective of whether you get regular periods or irregular periods, periods affect milk supply.

While it could seem like breast milk just comes when a baby is born there is more than this at work here. To be precisely the same as hormones-assisted pregnancy they also help breastfeeding. A hormone called prolactin produces milk and the same hormone even obstructs menstruation. When you get a period the chances of less milk production are high and when there's no period milk is secreted normally.

Irregular Periods Home Remedies

Although treatment depends on what is causing irregular periods few science-backed home remedies like the below are highly useful in regulating periods.

  • Yoga is one natural way to regulate your periods apart from receiving overall health benefits. It also reduces menstrual pains. It works effectively on irregular periods and weight gain.
  • Be in proper weight based on your BMI. Both overweight and underweight lead to irregularities.
  • Exercise regularly as it treats polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which leads to menstrual irregularity.
  • Although science hasn’t backed it up ginger is considered the top herb according to other alternative treatments to cure irregular periods.
  • Cinnamon is also another edible item you can rely on. It regulates and also lowers bleeding and pain.
  • Don't forget to fortify yourself with the required amounts of vitamins especially vitamins D and B.
  • Apple cider vinegar and pineapple should be your regular intake.

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Tips To Prevent Irregular Periods While Breastfeeding

The only way to prevent irregular periods is to follow the above diet besides following a healthy lifestyle. Following hormonal birth control is also one safety tip.

There's nothing to worry about if you have irregular periods while breastfeeding. However, be careful if you have it even though you don't breastfeed.


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