Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects on Hair, Kidneys, Liver, Skin

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects on Hair, Kidneys, Liver, Skin

The article will focus on the apple cider side effects despite the numerous number of health benefits reaped from using apple cider vinegar as a natural tonic. Over the years, people have become worried about the side effects and how safe it is to use the drink.

When you mix yeast and apples the resulting combination is apple cider vinegar. The sugar found in the apples is changed into alcohol by the yeast. For fermentation, Bacteria added to the combination to change the solution to acetic acid. Apple cider vinegar contains up to 6% of acetic acid, though the acid is not that strong. This does not mean that it has no properties of a typical acid. At concentrated levels, the acidic characteristics will be that strong still.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects on Body Organs

Apple vinegar also has water as its component on top of the other vitamins, minerals, and acids. Some side effects from using apple cider vinegar have been reported especially if you take it in large amounts. Having too much of it will be the only cause of suffering from side effects. This said taking it at the recommended dosages will be perfectly fine and healthy too. The known side effects on organs include:

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects on Hair

When you use it to rinse your hair you may suffer from side effects such as a reaction to sulfite, an irritation to your scalp, and even it can damage to your hair. It has an unpleasant smell too which needs to be washed thoroughly whenever you chose to use it on your hair. Don’t use it on a broken scalp for it will sting.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects on Kidneys

The studies on the side effects on the liver from the use of apple cider vinegar are still scanty. Though thought as a good way to deal with kidney problems, any individual should consult their doctor before embarking on using it as a treatment method. The kidneys may suffer from extreme cases of acidity such as acidosis, which may cause death too. It may also cause kidney stones forming in the kidneys.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects on Liver

ACV also contains detoxification properties that are effective in cleansing the liver. Consumption of too much apple cider vinegar has been noted to have harmful effects on the liver.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects on Skin

May lead to the skin suffering from skin burns. Apple cider vinegar has strong acidic characteristics which will definitely cause a skin burn when it comes to contact with the skin. On top of this, applying apple cider vinegar directly on the skin is a sure way to suffer from irritation, rashes, and a burning sensation. When used as a way to get rid of toxins from the body, apple cider vinegar may ultimately lead to acne affecting an individual as a result of these toxins being expelled via the skin.

Some Other Possible Side Effects:

1. It Takes Longer To Empty The Stomach

Absorption is slowed down into the bloodstream once apple cider vinegar is taken. This is due to the prevention of increase of blood glucose by minimizing the pace at which food exits the stomach into the lower digestive duct.

When this happens, the signs of a condition known as gastroparesis becomes worse especially in diabetic people of category type 1 diabetes. Food stays longer in the stomach and is not emptied at the right rate when the nerves found in the stomach do not work well when a person is affected by gastroparesis condition. Nausea, bloating and having heartburn are sure symptoms when an individual is suffering from this condition.

From studies, individuals known to suffer from type 1 diabetes and gastroparesis had the food taking longer in their stomachs. Apple cider vinegar mixed in water in a way led to increasing the amount of time that food took in the stomach in comparison to just drinking pure water.

2. May Lead To Unpleasant Digestive Symptoms In Some People

The natural decrease in the absorption of calories occurs, leads to minimized appetite, while promoting the feeling of fullness just from taking apple cider vinegar which contains a large amount of acetic acid. Indigestion may cause appetite and eating food to be reduced. Studies show that 0.88 oz of apple cider vinegar consumed in any drink led to a reduction in appetite. It may also lead to having nausea

3. May Lead To Low Potassium And Bone Loss

Though the studies in this area are scanty, low blood potassium and bone loss have been associated with drinking a large amount of apple cider vinegar for an extended period of time. From a certain study, an individual has been subjected to 250ml an equivalent of 8 oz of apple cider vinegar mixed with water for six years. She suffered from abnormalities and low potassium levels. A condition known as osteoporosis that is uncommon among young people was also diagnosed in her. There was leaching of minerals from her bones due to taking huge amounts of apple cider vinegar daily. This happens as the minerals tried to buffer the acidity in her blood.

Apple cider vinegar on face may have side effects if not used in the right amount, it can lead to irritation, rashes, and even may suffer from burns. To prevent this dilute it first and dab it on pimples and acne scars the following day. Apple cider vinegar dosage should strictly be kept at 15-30 ml of 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar daily and not more when it comes to assisting in digestion.

Apple cider vinegar with mother has strands of proteins, enzymes, and the good bacteria that makes it murky in appearance. When you add a form of cellulose and acetic acid you get mother. When added to cider it ferments it to form vinegar. Apple cider vinegar diet should be kept at 2 tablespoons daily when it comes to its use for weight loss. A glass of water and 1 tablespoon should be mixed to achieve the perfect results for drinking. This should be taken each day in the morning.

Apple cider vinegar is mostly used when it comes to the loss of excess weight. People who relied on it to shed the extra pounds did better than those who were on weight loss journey but did not consume apple cider vinegar.