Best Diet for Kidney Disease

Best diet for kidney disease

People suffering from chronic kidney disease need to focus on their diet. Doctors often recommend a low-protein diet during these conditions. It is necessary to consume foods that prevent oxidation of fatty acids in the body. Therefore, you should know the ideal diet for kidney disease to prevent the condition from deteriorating. During fatty acid oxidation, the fat cells and oxygen react in the body, forming free radicals that are capable of damaging your genes and cell membranes. Here, we provide you with the names of ten foods that you should include in your diet chart if you have kidney disease.


Best diet for kidney disease use of fish

The protein present in fish is effective in maintaining the health of a diseased kidney. Fish also contains omega-3 fats that are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. You may also opt for a low protein diet for kidney disease. It increases the level of good cholesterol in the body and decreases the LDL cholesterol, which is harmful for the body.

Egg Whites:

Best diet for kidney disease use of Egg white

Egg white contains almost all types of amino acids and the protein present in it is of high quality. It should be included in the diet as the protein contains limited proportions of phosphorous than meat and other sources of proteins. You can prepare a sandwich with egg white or an omelet for your meals. Egg whites can also be consumed in the pasteurized form along with shakes and smoothies.

Olive oil:

Best diet for kidney disease uses of Olive oil

People suffering from kidney disease need anti-inflammatory fatty acids to keep up the health of the kidney. Oleic acid, present in olive oil, contains these acids. It is also rich in antioxidant compounds and polyphenols. These prevent oxidation and inflammation in the kidneys. You should consult with your doctor and include olive oil in your diet for kidney disease. Olive oil can be used for cooking instead of other oils.

Red Bell Peppers:

Best diet for kidney disease uses of Red Bell Peppers:

The low content of potassium in red bell peppers makes them suitable for individuals suffering from kidney disease. They are also good sources of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. Besides, red bell peppers also contain fiber and folic acid. This can be consumed along with chicken salad or tuna. You can also use them along with lettuce salads and sandwiches as toppings.


Best diet for kidney disease uses of Cabbage

If you are suffering from renal disorders, you need to consume foods that contain phytochemicals. These help to break up the free radicals in the body before they cause any damage. Cabbage also contains high quantities of Vitamin C, Vitamin K and fiber. It is low in potassium content, which makes it ideal for a diet for people suffering from kidney disease.


Best diet for kidney disease uses of Cauliflower

If you suffer from kidney disease, you need to consume foods containing folate, fiber and Vitamin C. Include cauliflower in your diet for kidney disease. It has the capability to neutralize toxic materials in the liver. The toxic substances can cause damage to the DNA and cell membranes in the body. Cauliflower can be consumed as salad, steamed or boiled form.


Best diet for kidney disease uses of garlic

Include garlic in your diet for kidney disease, as it can reduce inflammation and keeps the cholesterol level of the body under control. You can buy it in any form, minced, bottled, powdered or fresh. Prepare various dishes containing garlic by adding it to vegetable, chicken or pasta dishes. The head of garlic can also be roasted and spread on bread for breakfast.


Best diet for kidney disease uses of onions

Onions contain flavonoids that reduce the harmful effects of kidney disease. They provide the body with chromium, which enhances the rate of metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the body. Besides, they contain low potassium. This makes it necessary to include onions in your diet for kidney disease.


Best diet for kidney disease uses of Cherries

Cherries contain antioxidants and can reduce inflammation of the kidneys. You need to consume it on a daily basis to keep the kidneys healthy. You can have cherries in your breakfast or along with your snacks. You may also prepare cherry sauce and consume it along with other dishes like fish or chicken.


Best diet for kidney disease uses of Apples

Apples are known for their abilities to reduce the risk of kidney disease. They contain anti-inflammatory compounds and high amounts of fiber. It can be consumed in raw form or you can prepare apple sauce along with other foods. Apple cider or apple juice also provides the same nutrients to the body.

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