Killing Junk Food Cravings

Everybody’s new year resolutions list contains one common must-do task i.e., to stop eating junk food. But the moment we see a burger, a bunch of freshly baked cookies, melting cheese pizza or a tumbler full of soda, we tend to forget the resolution and happily gulp them down. According to many doctors, junk food doesn’t impact just the stomach but can affect the brain and its functioning badly. Ice-cream, cookies, pizzas, burgers, cakes, chips, carbonated drinks, fried food etc are all categorised as junk food. Obesity, diabetes, cardiac disorders and hypertension are a few diseases caused by eating junk.

The moment we eat something that is rich in carbohydrates (junk food contains 90% carbohydrates) the brain gets a sugar rush and slows down in pumping blood and oxygen to the organs. When consumed excessively and frequently, imagine the stress our brain experiences and the negative impact it has on the whole body. It is high time we cut down our junk food cravings and stick to healthy eating and a fitness routine. Here are simple tips to curb those cravings. Stick to them and help your body stay healthy.

1. Simply say no – This is next to impossible but with a strong mind and will power, you can say no to junkies if you spot them. Train your brain to not to get tempted to binge on such food. Many people who fought such cravings recommend you to write down a resolution list and stick to it no matter how tough it is. Remind yourself every day that it is a choice you have made to stay healthy and fight against those hard carbohydrates taking a toll on your body. The moment you spot something extremely delicious but highly unhealthy – move your head left to right and right to left. That helps.

2. Study about healthy foods – Sugar and salt food cravings must always be substituted with healthy, nutrient stuffed foods that are easily available to you. Fresh fruits and vegetables can never beat anything else in terms of improving your health. Read and understand the benefits of eating and staying healthy. Meeting healthcare providers and discussing about food groups and their nutritional value will throw more light on the side-effects of junk food and help you take a decision.

3. Replace cravings with water – Studies have proved that gulping down a glass of water whenever you feel like binging on a junkie helps a lot. Water not only kills the craving but also makes you full immediately. Drinking water regularly throughout the day flushes toxins, keeps you hydrated and makes blood circulation smoother. Always keep a bottle handy and drink it when you have a soda can, a pizza or a bag of chips on mind.

4. Salads and nuts to the rescue – Suddenly cutting down cravings can be quite depressing. All of us want to eat and have to eat, to survive. Instead of junk food, you can eat a variety of vegetable and fruit salads to satiate your hunger. Make plenty of salads with very little salt and pepper and have them whenever you have a junk food craving. Nuts like almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios are great snacks. A handful of nuts provide loads of protein and minerals required to run your body.

5. Stick to a routine – Fitness experts vouch that sticking to an eating and exercise routine can effectively treat your junk food cravings and help you lose all extra flab. Eat small meals at regular intervals, go for a walk or hit the gym daily, drink plenty of water and stop taking health supplements. These are four thumb rules for a healthy eating and a healthy body.