Know Your Body Type

Know Your Body Type

Every Individual is Different!

We Ayurvedics recognize it and respect it. And hence assessing the individual’s body type plays a pivotal role in Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment.

Barring subtle constitutional and emotional differences, Ayurveda has identified three basic constitution types which is applicable to all Humans. They are called PRAKRUTI– in Ayurvedic terms. The classification though broad, is very apt and has been described in detail.

  • Body Structure
  • Facial features
  • Intellectual power
  • Temperament
  • Digestive Capacity

And many more such features form the basis for Prakruti Analysis in Ayurveda.

Based on these there are three major Classifications of Prakruti.

1. Vata Prakruti:

This body type is dominated by the Air and the Ether elements.

Vata Prakruti persons are lean built/skinny, with prominent joints, vessels and ligaments.

They normally have dry, rough hair and skin.

Very active – they talk fast, walk fast and move fast. They can also get restless at times. This restlessness and hyperactivity causes them to fidget their fingers, brows, jaws, hands, feet, shoulder and head.

Mentally again they are very active. They talk more. Grasp quickly. On the flip side they forget quickly too.

2. Pitta Prakruti:

A body type dominated by the Fire element.

Pitta constitution people are beautiful and radiant. The fire element in them makes them susceptible to moles, wrinkles, pimples, early greying of hair and hair fall.

They have tender joints and muscles. Their digestive capacity is excellent. They sweat a lot too.

Mentally they are intelligent. They are short tempered though.

3. Kapha Prakruti:

Dominated by the Earth and the Water elements

They are well built, strong, with healthy muscles and joints. Their skin is smooth and shiny. They have abundant thick hair, big beautiful eyes and a pleasant voice. They have a slow, confident gait. Physically they are not as active as the other two and may border on laziness

Mentally they are highly intelligent with a very good memory. They take time to grasp things, but once it is registered they do not forget easily.

They have a great control over their emotions.

The above is a very brief description. A doctor takes many more such features into account before arriving at the right diagnosis of Prakruti

Most people have a combination of two, and not just one Prakruti. Example - Vata Kapha, Pitta Vata etc

Assessment of your Prakruti/Body type will be done by all Qualified Ayurveda Doctors.

Now This Makes One Wonder What Could be The Use Of Such an Assessment?

  • It helps the doctor design his/her treatment to suit your body needs.
  • A Kapha Prakruti person and a Vata Prakruti person will get different prescriptions for the same disease!

  • Knowing your Prakruti can help you choose a diet that suits your body type.
  • For Example a pitta prakruti person may be asked to cut down on spicy food to prevent acidity, while a Kapha person will be asked to consume a few healthy spices to help reduce the excess fat.

  • The doctor will help you identify certain diseases which you may be predisposed to, owing to your Prakruti. This has been researched for thousands of years and the conclusions have been arrived at. Taking the necessary precautions can help prevent them.
  • For Example, a Kapha Prakruti person may be predisposed to Obesity and a Vata Person to Joint diseases.

  • The Doctor will guide you through the appropriate lifestyle adjustments that you need to make in accordance with your body type, to lead a healthy, happy life.

For example, a kapha person may have to exercise more, a Pitta person may have to resort to techniques like meditation for Anger Management.

So, now is the time. Go ahead, get your Prakruti assessed.

Live Healthy, Live Happy!!