List of Few Diseases Cured by Naturopathy and How

It is quite commonplace for humans to get afflicted by a number of ailments during various stages of life. The reasons for contracting such ailments can be numerous. For some people, the root of a disease can be in his or her genes. However, environment and lifestyle also pave way for certain ailments in men and women. Now, there are several treatments that you can opt for, in such conditions. A majority of population opts for quick fix remedies or OTC medications. However, the side effects of such medications have prompted a section of people to opt for natural remedies and treatments that do not leave adverse effects on the body. This has given birth to Naturopathy-an alternative approach to treating ailments and physical complications.

Basics of Naturopathy

Instead of offering chemical containing medications, Naturopathy is based on the concept of treating illnesses by healing the body from within. A Naturopath guides a person to find out the roots of a disease in his or her body and eradicate it with changes in lifestyle, diet and exercises. Naturopathic treatment does not involve medications that can suppress an illness for some time unlike conventional allopathic medications.

As it is, a lot of human ailments and health complications are caused and aggravated by wrong diet choices and lifestyle habits. In Naturopathic treatment, the victims are guided to rectify those ways to detox their body and heal. Even after the healing is complete, the persons are advised to adhere to certain precautionary measures.

How the Healing Works

Naturopathic treatment
can involve procedures like applying mud pack, hip bath, fasting and enema. These processes can help in eradicating parasites and germs from the affected person’s body. The patients are taught specific yoga postures and exercises to complement the healing process in the body. Eating organic foods for the period is also recommended and after the healing is complete, returning to regular diet is feasible.

Diseases that Can be Cured by Naturopathy

Despite the controversies and conflicts of opinions surrounding Naturopathy in medical circles, lots of people have found relief from chronic and recurring illnesses after undergoing this healing therapy. Naturopathy can be used to heal several acute and commonplace ailments.

  • Infertility- The stress and lifestyle problems associated with modern life has paved way for infertility to assume a giant proportion. Naturopathy can be used to get effective relief from this menace affecting urban population.
  • Degenerative Brain disorders- Critical brain related disorders like Schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease have affected a considerable part of human population. These brain and CNS related ailments gradually deteriorate the regular functioning of the brain. While there is no fixed cure, Naturopathy can be used to help affected lot to slow down the degeneration process.
  • Autoimmune diseases- Autoimmune diseases are triggered by bizarre activities in human immune system. Naturopathy is not used to stop the autoimmune disease, but it can be used to repair the damages caused. Once the immune system of the affected person’s body is in shape, it prevents further occurrence of the ailments.
  • Digestive problems– Downing plenty of antacids and digestive pills can bring you temporary relief from conditions like heartburn, constipation and diarrhoea. However, with naturopathy these conditions can be thwarted and prevented from recurring frequently.
  • Weight related issues- Keeping weight in check has proved to be a major issue for a majority of the human population. Obesity has affected a majority of children in many developed nations. With naturopathic treatments, diet and lifestyle changes can be implemented in obesity affected lot to help them shed flab without suffering from side effects.
  • Pain- Be it pain in the back or shoulder, body aches can begin any time. Instead of applying an OTC pain balm or spray to deal with such issues, you can resort to naturopathy. Naturopathic treatment is aimed at tracing and eradicating the source of body pain. It is often related to biochemical imbalances in the body and food sensitivities.