Natural Cure for a Leaky Gut

Natural cure for a leaky gut

Hippocrates once said, ‘all diseases begin in the gut’. This saying seems to be holding true for many cases now. All that we eat and drink ends up in the stomach and causes a lot of trouble to the body. Microbial infestation and bacterial contamination of food is extremely dangerous and they bring a series of disorders that are inter-linked to each other. One such intestinal disease that is slowly increasing in number is the leaky gut syndrome.

People with food sensitivities, indigestion problems and other bowel diseases experience a leaky gut where the walls of the intestines cannot filter harmful toxins, foreign particles and dead cells. Instead they open gateways and allow everything to mix with the blood stream causing a downfall to the immunity. This in turn leads to immune system weakness, cold and coughs, digestive problems and many others that you might have never heard before. Except eating right and protecting your stomach, there’s nothing else you can do with a leaky gut.

Reasons for a Leaky Gut

Toxins – The food that we eat and some commonly used medical drugs are loaded with toxins. Drugs especially have toxins that are difficult to get out of the body. Tap water, pesticides, deodorants and other aromatic products that we get in touch with are contracted by the body and absorbed. When these aren’t flushed out the intestine, they lead to inflammation.

Chronic stress – Strict work schedules and a lot of pressure on the brain weakens the body’s immunity. This in turn allows the body to be filled with unwanted bacteria and they invade the entire body.

Food allergies – All of us have food allergies. Some are identified and treated but many go unnoticed and end up in the gut. If a certain type of food is not accepted by the body, the whole immune system rejects it and pushes it into the intestine. The large and small intestine that filter good and bad materials get a surplus of the bad ones and are unable to flush them out and lose their permeability. It is advisable that you keep a check on all the foods that you eat and observe how the body reacts to it.

Natural Cure

Medically, there is very little available for the leaky gut syndrome. Treating a leaky gut largely depends on the food intake, usage of probiotic food to increase good bacteria and not taking any stress. Here are a few natural cure methods to heal a leaky gut.

  • Usage of probiotic food – Yoghurts, butter and raw cheese contain large doses of probiotic bacteria that repair the intestine and heal disorders related to it. The enzymes and lactic acid content in such food flushes out bad bacteria and floods the gut with good ones and cleanses it beyond imagination. So much goodness in one tin of your favourite yoghurt. Make such foods a part of your daily diet and repair your gut.
  • Digestive supplements – When you meet a gastroenterologist to treat a leaky gut, you will be prescribed plenty of supplements to aid food digestion. Taking those supplements just before eating lunch or dinner breaks down food faster and pushes away partially or undigested food that erodes your intestinal wall.
  • Consumption of sprouts – When enough amounts of fiber are available in the food, digestion and excretion becomes easier. Sprouted seeds like flax seeds and hemp seeds are great sources of dietary fiber. Consume them every day when you have symptoms of a leaky gut. Dietary fiber also helps the growth of beneficial bacteria and heals the gut quickly.
  • Stay away from stress – Physical and mental stress can take a toll on your digestive system. After work, find ways to relax and soothe yourself. Meditation and yoga can be of great help in beating stress.

Stick to these natural cure methods and bid goodbye to a leaky gut!