What are the Treatment Methods of Naturopathy?

Healing by means of the innate healing process or the curing power of nature inside the body is the vital assert of naturopathy. Naturopathy is a holistic advance of naturopathic doctors or naturopath to aid the people with their health issues. A naturopath has a variety of methods to apply natural healing, which include:


  • It is one of the most famous naturopathic techniques in healing. It is considered as an alternative medication that helps patients to concentrate on the problem of numerous conditions including easing of pain, treats infertility, & prevents diseases & promotes general health by insertion & manipulation of needles in the very important parts of the body. It is commonly known in Korea, Japan & China where it is integrated with the customary Chinese medicine as its integral part of theory & practice.

Applied Kinesiology

  • It is a substitute medicine which focuses in the functional condition of the body. The method is utilized for diagnosis & the determination of therapy for the explicit problem of the patients.

Botanical Medication or Called Herbalism

  • Is a customary medicinal or folk medicine practice, which generally uses the plants & the other extracted fluids of plants. This medicine may extend to bee & fungal products to lessen certain diseases. Shells, Minerals & certain animal parts are also incorporated as herbal medicine in a few cases.

Color Therapy

  • Is an alternative medicine technique, which uses color & light to balance energy? This can be utilized where the patient lacks whether it is emotional, physical, mental or spiritual health state. It is interrelated to light therapy but is a proven form to heal seasonal effective disorders (SED).

Iridology or Iridodiagnosis

  • It is an alternative medicine method which examines the iris to decide the health state of the person. A naturopath use iris because it is divided into zones that communicate to specific parts of the body, which demonstrate the actual status or health situation of the person. The iris charts differentiate the healthy systems & organs from those distressed, inflamed or overactive parts of the body that signify health disorders.

Naturopathy is now making reappearance due to the fact that public is searching for alternative due to several side effects of prescription medicine. Many people are considerig Naturopathy since it is based on these 6 principles:

  • Safe & effective without any Harm
  • The medicinal Power of Nature
  • Discover & Treat the Cause, Not simply the Effect
  • Treat the complete body of the Person
  • The Physician acts as a Teacher
  • Prevention is the greatest “cure”

Naturopaths practice various methods in serving the patients. Nevertheless, the methods might vary depending on the need & the problem of the patient. Naturopathy is an excellent approach to lessen health conditions of the people without any wounds or depressive procedures. A good practice & alternative approach to have instant care from health care provider that exploits the natural prior to prescribing medicines that may be invasive to body's system.