Reducing Body Pain Through Food

Our primary response to combating pain is to reach out to the nearest pill and injection. However, we have an alternative, thanks to the increased awareness around research.

Foods help fight pain in the below ways

  • controls inflammation which is the recurring pain in certain diseases like Arthritis
  • Regulates the body immune system mechanisms and responses. This is critical for the body to overcome the feeling of pain
  • Reduces the stress on the body caused by increased cell damage, also called Oxidative stress

Presenting three tips on foods that are commonly available, so that you start using these in your daily life

  • Turmeric – Curcumin, one of the most potent compounds to combat inflammation, is found in Turmeric. People with Arthritis benefit all the more. This also generates certain type of enzymes that regulate the metabolism. In fact, doctors recommend its consumption on a daily basis; suggested uses are mixing a pinch with milk, almonds and honey. Doctors call this as the anti-oxidant superstar!
  • Coconut oil – it is well known that Omega-6 fatty acids are not as good as Omega-3 acids. Coconut oil is excellent for providing the needed fuel for the cells to strengthen the defense system. This wonderful product not only reduces inflammatory properties, but also develops anti-inflammatory properties of the body. One can consume coconut in a variety of ways like powder, natural, in drinks, oil and in fact even to bake popcorn
  • Green Tea – this is also called as Matcha. Tea leaves powdered finely are used for Green tea. They are very rich in anti-oxidants. These are concentrated and hence very potent in its effects. This directly helps combat stress, builds immunity; improve circulation apart from a host of other benefits. Though this power is used predominantly in green tea, other options are open, such as baked goods and soups.

Hence, by intelligent and informed use of food products, one can help reduce the pain in the body, develop resistance and also regulate the metabolism.