Super Food of Our Future- Quinoa

Super Food of Our Future- Quinoa

Oats, muesli, nuts and corn flakes, the favourite fitness foods for every health-conscious soul will now be overtaken by quinoa. This super grain that is now grown extensively worldwide is all set to take fitness foods to a whole new level. But this food is definitely not a recent discovery. Quinoa was first found by the Incas civilisation some 4,000years ago. They called it their warrior food because they realised it increased their stamina and kept them strong during wars.

Due to its bland taste, it was neglected for many years but of late, nutritionists found that quinoa is totally gluten-free and can aid weight loss like no other food group available to mankind. The quinoa that we eat is not the grain but its seed. After a series of elaborate food processing, the grain is shed off and the seed remains. These seeds are rich in iron, protein, major vitamins and minerals and fibre. Let's see in detail how quinoa helps your body and why it is touted to be the best food for our future generations.

  • Quinoa contains all the nine essential amino acids that no other food group of nature can boast of. Regular food contains only a couple of them. Amino acids are called the building blocks of protein because they break down protein content into tiny bits and send them into the bloodstream for the constructions of new cells. If the body can be benefitted from all the nine amino acids, imagine the kind of boost the body gets.

  • Grains contain gluten, the enzyme that makes dough rise and brings elasticity. Sometimes, gluten can induce allergies in people and invites gut diseases. Moreover, gluten can deposit fat in the body that doesn't seem to burn. Quinoa is the only grain on the planet that is gluten-free. Allergic people can replace their regular grains with quinoa and stay healthy without gaining weight.

  • Fibre is an important component of food that keeps us full for a longer time but digests easily without fat accumulation. Quinoa contains decent amounts of good fibre that helps people in shedding weight by killing their appetite. Moreover, the same fibre is responsible for cleaning the intestines and not letting the stomach get constipated.

  • The iron that is responsible for carrying oxygen to the cells is found in a few food groups but quinoa boasts of having the highest content of this mineral. Those suffering from anaemia must make quinoa an integral part of their meals. When oxygen is efficiently carried to all the cells, the muscles and every organ gets enough oxygen and energy. Iron also helps in energy metabolism, body temperature regulation and new cell production.

  • Lysine which is an important amino acid in cell repair is found in huge quantities in quinoa. It is also important for boosting the immune system by killing old cells and producing new ones, thereby keeping the body clean.

  • When we feel sad for no reason and appear dull or gloomy, we require a rise in serotonin levels to enhance a good mood. This super grain contains enzymes that increase serotonin in the body and make us feel better. Next time you seem to be having a bad day at work, you know what to do.

  • Apart from the quinoa seeds, the leaves of this plant are healthy too. Nutritionists say that the leaves are stuffed with natural minerals and omega 3 fatty acids that help the body in many ways. The leaves of quinoa taste somewhat similar to spinach and can be consumed if properly cooked.