The Virtues of Spirulina

The virtues of spirulina

Considered as a super food, spirulina is the oldest alga on the planet. Studies revealed that this special alga-herb (technically a cyanobacterium) was found ever since Earth evolved. A fresh water plant that grows only in exotic locations, spirulina is rich in proteins, beta-carotene, vitamins and minerals and that makes it the most favourite health supplement for sportspersons and fitness freaks. Energy bars, health drinks and natural health substitutes are incomplete without this wonder herb. Now that spirulina has been recognised worldwide as a wonder food, its demand is increasing day-by-day. The herb is available in the form of powder, pills and dry leaves too. Let’s take a look at the nutrition profile of spirulina.

One Gram Serving of Spirulina Contains –

  • 60% protein along with iron, chromium, manganese, vitamins A and K
  • 2000% more beta-carotene than carrots
  • 500% more protein than tofu or fish
  • 1800% more iron than spinach and jaggery
  • 250mg of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • 350mg of Omega-6 fatty acids
  • 7% folic acid

These staggering amounts of nutrients make it the best super food ever that never stops to amaze health conscious people. Here are the amazing health benefits spirulina can gift you with. After reading them, you will not look beyond this wonder alga.

1. Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure – Shooting blood pressure and cholesterol levels can be danger bells for any one. The phycocyanin pigment in spirulina was found to fight against hypertension and reduce LDL too. Since hypertension can be a reason for heart strokes and diabetes, consumption of this alga proves highly beneficial.

2. Solution for weight loss – Obesity is the biggest enemy for mankind of this generation. Stress and job pressure being the sole reasons, people are looking for new and simple ways to shed weight. Since spirulina contains plenty of protein and less fat, it can provide the energy and tissue building nutrients and also burn fat at the same time. Eating spirulina for breakfast or lunch works wonders on body flab.

3. Detoxifies the body – We consume a lot of chemicals unintentionally many times. The fruits and vegetables we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe contains decent amounts of chemicals that are the main reason behind health issues. This super alga has the immense power to detoxify the body instantly by flushing out harmful chemicals that hide happily in the body. Spirulina’s main action is to clean each and every cell in the body and ensure there’s no single toxic element.

4. Improves brain functioning – The antioxidants in spirulina work excellently on the brain and its functioning. Correcting memory loss, improving cognition, reducing stress and anxiety, preventing premature ageing of brain cells and promoting sleep are a few duties of the alga. Ancient Ayurveda made extensive use of this super herb in treating ailments of the nervous system and the brain. It was combined with Ashwagandha and prescribed for people who suffered from mood swings and depression.

5. Best fitness supplement – Those who wish to increase their body stamina and gain physical endurance should trust spirulina to do the job. Chlorophyll pigment in the herb oxygenates the cells well and reduces fatigue. It also improves muscular cramps associated with intense exercising and restores vitality and vigour. The base ingredient of many health supplements is spirulina.

There is goodness in each and every strand of spirulina and it is touted by scientists as a super food. But you need to remember that over usage of the herb can be dangerous to health. Frequent and high intake can lead to migraines, constipation and skin diseases. Consult a fitness expert before you decide to make spirulina a part of your diet.