5 Tips To Buy A Best Teeth Whitener

tips to buy a best teeth whitener

Having whiter and brighter teeth goes beyond aesthetic reasons. A beautiful, straight smile can go a long way in improving your confidence and self-esteem in social places. However, your pearly whites can get discolored due to age, smoking or food and drink staining. A good teeth whitener can help your teeth sparkle and dazzle once again. With so many companies selling teeth whitening products today, what should you look for?

5 Tips To Choose And Buy The Best Tooth Whitener

1. An Active Whitening Ingredient

For a tooth whitener to work, it must contain an active whitening ingredient. Many teeth whitening products in the market today are going natural with the active ingredients being coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate or charcoal. While these natural ingredients are harmless, they might not deliver the results you need.

A good teeth whitener should contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in order to remove intrinsic and extrinsic stains.

2. Concentration Of The Active Ingredient

Look out for the concentration of the active whitening ingredients. If the bleach is too strong it can cause teeth sensitivity. Some people also experience irritation in the mouths soft tissues. Ideally, a teeth whitening kit should contain at least 10% of carbamide peroxide.

Whitening toothpaste can also be very disappointing. This is because they do not contain enough active whitening ingredients and may not change the color of the teeth.

3. Product Reputation

Buy a product with a good reputation. Nothing feels worse than spending a substantial amount of money on a product that does not work at all. Read customer reviews before buying. Find out how previous customers felt about the teeth whitening kit.

Was it efficient? Is the company trustworthy? How many kits have they sold so far? What percentages of the customers were satisfied? Customer reviews will help you determine the shortcomings of the product if any and if the product is worth buying.

4. Professionalism

Look for professional teeth whitening kits. Professional kits work faster as compared to the Do It Yourself kits. They also come in a complete pack thus you will not need to worry about mixing up ingredients. All you have to do is follow the instructions, and complete the number of days that are indicated on the pack and your teeth will be whiter and brighter in no time.

5. The Cost

When buying a teeth whitening kit, consider the cost. Some teeth whitening kits will cost you an arm and a leg and if you are on a budget, it can be out of your reach. Most insurance companies also do not cover teeth whitening at home. You can buy a reputable teeth whitener when they have special sales and discounts in order to save money and get results.


There you have it; 5 things to look for in a good tooth whitener. For the best teeth whitener Pearly Whites products will guarantee you outstanding results. Their highest grade ingredients and a fantastic reputation are just what you need to have a brighter smile in the comfort of your home.