Top Reasons to Eat Plantain Flower

Top reasons to eat plantain flower

Those in South India are familiar with eating raw plantains and plantain flowers for regular lunches or on special occasions. Though bananas are quite popular, many people do not know that the raw parts of a banana tree can be consumed too if cooked. Plantain flower has been labelled by Ayurveda as a super food for women and must make it a part of diet during all phases of their reproductive cycles.

Here’s the nutrition profile of plantain flowers.

  • 51 kcal energy
  • 1.6g of protein
  • 0.6g of fat
  • 9.9g carbohydrates
  • 5.7g of fiber
  • 56mg of calcium
  • 73.3mg of phosphorous
  • 56.4mg of iron
  • 13mg of copper
  • 553.3 mg of potassium
  • 48.7mg of magnesium
  • 1.07mg of vitamin E

The biggest problem about cooking the flower is the long cleaning process. It takes approximately an hour to slowly remove the florets one and by one and wash them under running water without damaging them. Due to this reason, many people stay away from consuming the plantain flower. But look at the host of benefits the flower offers and see how you can help yourself.

1. Controlling menstrual bleeding – Menstrual cycles are a painful phase for teenage girls and women. Sometimes, the bleeding doesn’t cease and continues even after the stipulated time of three or five days. Plantain flower consumption in such cases increases progesterone in the body and in turn controls excessive bleeding. Similarly, those suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms can take the help of plantain flower to ease cramps and mood swings. The magnesium content of the flowers boosts good mood, reduces anxiety and drives away depression.

2. Manage diabetes – Raw plantain is an excellent food for controlling diabetes and the same is the case with its flower too. The hypoglycaemic index of plantain is very high and it has been proven clinically that it can balance insulin levels in the body and reduce blood pressure in the arteries. Nutritionists vouch by the plantain flower to reduce diabetes and also delay its onset in young adults.

3. Improves lactation in new mothers – Soon after delivery, many mothers have a highly unpredictable milk supply. A high supply is appreciated but something on the lower side can deprive the baby of major nutrients. Lactating mothers must consume plantain flower while feeding their babies say breastfeeding experts. Antioxidants remove blocks from milk ducts and make milk flow easier and avoid milk congestion in the ducts. As said above, plantain also boosts progesterone levels and increases the production of milk.

4. Aids weight loss – Since plantain is a fibre rich food that is very low in fat and carbohydrates, it makes the best food for weight loss. Moreover, this vegetable can be digested easily and doesn’t sit in the stomach for long. Bananas too are high in fibre and low in sugars. Plantain flowers and bananas together make a super combination to help you shed weight.

5. Restricts free radicals – There’s nothing as dangerous as a bunch of free radicals roaming in the body inviting new diseases to invade. Methanol that is naturally available in plantain flowers restricts the flow of free radicals in the body and prevents premature ageing and also a few cancers. Health supplements available in the market make extensive use of plantains for the same reason.