5 Amazing Benefits of Eucalyptus

Did you know that most of ayurvedic treatments are based on the essential oil of eucalyptus? Leaves that are great sources of nourishment to native koala bears in Australia are life savers for millions of people across the world. Native Australian aboriginals used eucalyptus oil to treat most of their ailments and still continue to do so. One of the most powerful natural medicines, the eucalyptus oil, is now being used extensively in medicines, aromatherapy and soaps, face creams, deodorants and nasal rubs. Its benefits are numerous and there is goodness in every single leaf. Here are five amazing things this oil can do to us.

  • Heals cuts and wounds – Originally, this super herb was used to treat cuts, bruises, wounds and other injuries that are inflicted externally on the skin. A dash of the oil was applied with a cotton bandage tightly applied to it. After a few days, the wound healed itself without any sepsis or infection. Such is the power of eucalyptus oil. Its bacteria fighting property kills all the micro-organisms without a trace and nullifies the chances of developing into an infection. For insect bites and stings too the oil works wonders.

  • Joints and muscle pain – People with joints and muscle pain must get treated with the essential oil of eucalyptus for instant relief. This herb is touted to be an analgesic and anti-inflammatory medicine that cures joints, ligament tears, muscle pains, stiffness and rheumatism. Massage the affected area with the oil in circular motion every day. You will definitely see great improvement.

  • Effective for respiratory problems – Starting from common cold to the highly draining asthma, eucalyptus can cure it all. It works as an expectorant and clears nasal congestion when the vapours are inhaled. People suffering from asthma can add a few drops of the oil to a diffuser and set it in their bedroom during sleep time. The results are extraordinary. Even the most common sinus infection can be treated with this potent herb. If you have a cold bout or a sinus headache, boil some water and add eucalyptus oil to it and inhale the vapours deeply.

  • Helps regulate diabetes – Diabetics usually suffer from insulin ups and downs and need continuous medication to beat stress. Eucalyptus is a great vasodilator and helps the blood vessels to relax without putting pressure on the organs. When inhaled or massaged on the chest externally, the vapours ease blood vessel constriction, providing great relief.

  • Improves dental health – Our mouth is home to millions of bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms that travel through food. Since eucalyptus oil is antibacterial and antiseptic in nature, it can effectively clean away bacteria and keep the teeth and gums healthy. Buy a mouth wash that contains eucalyptus or make one at home by mixing it with a few drops of clove oil. Studies have revealed that this herb can ease microbial growth and reduce other disorders caused due to mouth microbes.

Apart from these, this essential oil plays a vital role in aromatherapy. In spas and sauna baths, eucalyptus is used widely for its sheer relaxation benefits. When the skin comes in contact with the oil, the pores open up and absorb the vapours. Brain activity is stimulated and blood flow to the brain increases. When the brain receives optimum blood, it relaxes the entire body. If you are stressed with work and are mentally exhausted, inhale a few drops of the essential oil of eucalyptus and get rejuvenated instantly.