What Are the Alternative Treatments for Asthma?

Alternative Treatments for Asthma

Ailments affecting the respiratory system in human body can be quite severe in nature and without proper and prompt treatment, the consequences can be fatal at times. Asthma is one such ailment which affects millions of people across age groups and ethnicities worldwide. It is one chronic disease which impacts the airways in your lungs. These airways, referred medically as bronchial tubes, are used by the body to let air come out and in of lungs. When you have asthma, the airways are in inflamed state and asthma attacks can tighten the airways. It affects the air getting in out and as a result you experience coughing, breathing difficulty and pain in chest. Since there is no cure, interest of affected lot is growing in alternative treatments for asthma.

Nuances of Asthma

People with asthma do not always suffer from clogged bronchial tubes ad shortness of breathing. It is certain external factors and triggers that aggravate the symptoms. The factors or triggers include:

  • Hardcore physical exercises that put pressure on the respiratory system.
  • Occupational asthma- denoting inhaling toxic fumes and gases which aggravate asthma traits.
  • Certain natural elements as pollen and even dust mites.
  • Air pollution can aggravate asthma attacks and people get it in areas with smog and smoke.

Asthma also runs in genetics and instances of children developing asthma are very common, across the globe.

Treatment Options for Asthma

Sadly, there is no medication that can cure asthma in a permanent manner. In most cases, people diagnosed with asthma, whether inherited or occupational have to rely on specific treatment methods aimed at reducing severity of symptoms. Some steroid based medications and inhalers are used to bring down symptom severity and offer quick relief from breathing hardships. They also have to evade the triggers those can aggravate the symptoms. With time, more asthma victims are leaning towards alternative and complementary treatments to cope with asthma. So, Homeopathic Remedies for Treating Asthma are being more widely used than ever before.

Efficacy of Substitute Treatments for Asthma

The major benefit of alternative and complementary treatments for asthma is that they do not usually lead to side effects which can be triggered by typical medications and steroids. These treatments are also used with an aim to prevent attacks before those can even start.

Using Homeopathy for Asthma and Allergies in Children

For treating asthma in young boys and girls, homeopathy can be used. However, homeopathic medications tend to work slowly and so you cannot expect overnight results. Besides, the afflicted children should be kept away from the trigger factors at all times. It is best not to combine homeopathic medications with other typical asthma medications randomly.

Using Herbs and Food to Control Asthma Symptoms

It has been found that using certain types of herbs and dietary supplements can help control asthma attacks and relieve symptoms in the affected lot. However, enough scientific research is yet to be carried out to establish clinical efficacy of those stuffs to treat asthma on long term basis. Some of these natural herbs and foods include:

  • Vitamin C based fruits
  • Fish oil ( and also fish like salmon, mackerel, cod)
  • Mullein
  • Dried ivy
  • Caffeine

Yoga and Meditation for Asthma Control

Yoga has been used a lot for helping people get better control of mind and let them focus. The advantages of Yoga for Asthma Patients are even admitted by medical professionals. Since Stress and anxiety can enhance asthma symptoms, using yoga can be helpful for the victims to an extent. Mild breathing exercises can also be helpful for such people.

What Else You Can Do To Control Asthma

Apart from staying out the alternative therapies to battle asthma and prevent attacks, you can make several lifestyle changes to stay healthy. These include:

  • Giving up smoking can help you cope with asthma better.
  • In some cases, using NSAID class drugs like ibuprofen can make symptoms worse.
  • Sometimes, not using cough medications is better for asthma victims.
  • Using non-prescription inhalers is not a prudent idea.
  • Using OTC dietary supplements to treat asthma without talking with a doctor may not be ideal.

Summing it All Up

Treating asthma with natural and newer therapies is a nice idea but you should adhere to what the doctor says on this. Do not resort to using alternative treatments for asthma randomly. You will benefit by consulting the top
homeopathy doctors in your city in this regard.