Diabetic Foot Pain Symptoms, Causes and Remedies

Diabetes is an ailment that can impact life in serious ways for anyone. After being afflicted with most from of diabetes you may have to live with restrictions on diet and some lifestyle choices. Diabetes can also lead to some health complications if not treated in time and one of these is diabetic foot pain. To evade such complications you need to be aware of major diabetic foot pain symptoms and diabetic foot pain causes. Diabetic foot ulcers can lead to serious complication sand most diabetic men and women can form the condition. However, proper care can keep the complications from setting in.

Main Symptoms of Diabetic Foot Pain and Ulcer

The main symptoms of peripheral neuropathy in diabetes are not hard to identify.

  • Diabetic foot ulcer can be detected when your socks get stained regularly from secretion.
  • The swelling can also be accompanied by odors from affected foot.
  • A black tissue is seen surrounding the ulcer as well. It is caused when the affected spot does not get supply of healthy blood.

Causes of Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Pain

Diabetic ulcers are usually caused by factors like:

  • High blood sugar
  • Wounded feet
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Wearing poorly fitted shoes
  • Lifestyle issues like poor hygiene
  • Ways to treat diabetic foot pain and ulcer

There are Many Ways to Treat Diabetic Pain and Ulcer Affected Feet. These Include:

  • Wearing apt footwear: When you are detected with diabetic foot pain and/or ulcer, the doctor may advise you to wear suitable types of footwear. If you are obese, refraining from walking too much will be helpful. The doctor may also ask you to use apt compression wrap and shoe insert to reduce pressure on the ulcer.

  • Disinfection: Diabetic foot ulcers can get infected and that can deepen the complications. The infection can be treated with disinfecting the skin with apt solutions and foot bath. Specific sprays and powders can be applied to heal the ulcer fast.

  • Medications: The doctor may also advise you to take certain type of drugs to let the pain reduce and heal the wound well. At times, you may be given antibiotics and some anti-clotting medications.

  • Surgery: If the ulcer is serious and it has affected bone or tendons, surgical treatment can be the way out. Surgical treatments can be necessary to get rid of deep rooted wounds and affected muscles.

Preventing Complications Related to Diabetic Foot Pain

If you are living with diabetes, it is recommended that you watch out for signs of diabetic foot ulcer and pain. At early detection and proper treatment, you can evade the hassles and pain as well as expenses later.

  • You should keep a tab on blood glucose level and any surge should be reported to the doctor.
  • Proper foot hygiene is required to keep onset of diabetic foot pain and ulcer away. Washing legs and toes with warm water and soap can help. It is also necessary to keep the feet well hydrated and prevent dryness of feet.
  • Wearing clean socks and shoes is important. It will ensure bacteria and germ does not get into wound easily.
  • Getting corn and callus removed by a doctor is advisable.
  • Wearing right fitting shoes is absolutely important. An ill fitting shoe can worsen foot pain and ulcer. You can opt for shoes endorsed by doctors for people with foot pain and ulcer.
  • Giving up smoking is a good idea if you want to evade diabetic foot ulcer since smoking can affect blood circulation in body negatively.
  • Checking your feet and toes for signs of ulcers is important.
  • If you have diabetes, it is better that you opt for a foot health check up. This can be done once every year.

Where it All Leads To?

While living with diabetic foot ulcer and pain is not easy, there is nothing to give up hope. You need to be aware of the symptoms and avoid triggering factors to keep things under control. The diabetic foot pain remedies are there but it is better if you can detect onset and adopt preventive steps. Making some basic lifestyle changes and maintaining hygiene can go a long way in keeping it away from you. You may also resort to alternative therapies to get rid of this ulcer and accompanying pain. Contacting the top
ayurveda doctors in Hyderabad can be of use in this regard.