Health Benefits of Shatavari

Shatavari benefits

Shatavari is an ancient Indian herb that has been known to the Ayurvedic system of medicine for a very long time. The extract of this herb has traditionally been used as a rejuvenating tonic for the female reproductive system. It is also ideal for women in their middle and older years, to help them age gracefully and achieve transition through all the phases of life, including menopause. Shatavari, sometimes known as wild asparagus, offers a number of health benefits, and is primarily a reproductive tonic – for both males and females, a demulcent for the digestive system, and a powerful adaptogen. The Shatavari herb, or Asparagus racemosus as it is botanically known, and is widely found in the Indian subcontinent, offers a number of uses.

What are the Uses of Shatavari?

Shatavari benefits for females is well known and it is one of the best known female rejuvanitives. It is useful for infertility, decreased libido, threatened miscarriage, menopause, leucorrhea and has the ability to balance the pH factor in the cervical area. It also has the quality of acting on membranes, such as on the dry walls of the vagina. In fact, it can be used for any of the female reproductive problems.

Not only can it help women with their reproductive problems, even men can benefit from the herb in the treatment of impotence and general sexual debility. Shatavari benefits for men has been expounded in the Ayurvedic texts and it can be used by males to reduce sexual problems such as reduction in inflammation of sexual organs and even impotence.

In addition to it's use for the reproductive system, Shatavari health benefits is renowned and it quite effective for stomach ulcers, hyperacidity, and diarrhea. Dry and irritated membranes in the upper respiratory tract are soothed by this herb making it useful in cases of bronchitis and chronic fevers. Shatavari, which has a number of uses, is believed to bring into balance all of the body's fluids.

Shatavari consists of therapeutic features such as isoflavoness, soluble fibers, and complex sugars. These components help in digestion and also fight against heartburn and colitis. The medication from this herb consists of components that create a cooling effect, and therefore it can lower fever, inflammation, and even stomach ulcers.

Shatavari is considered to be the most helpful herb for women as it helps in balancing the female hormonal system. It contains phyto-estrogens, the predecessor of estrogen, and is very useful for women who suffer from low natural estrogen levels as a result of menopause, hysterectomies, or oophorectomies.

What are the Benefits of Shatavari?

Shatavari is known as the primary uterine tonic in Ayurveda. It has been known to have a number of nourishing properties that are used traditionally to support a number of bodily systems and functions.

The healing qualities of Shatavari are useful for a wide array of ailments. It is well known for it effects on the female reproductive system. It is also effective in a number of other systems of the body and is therefore of use to both men and women.

As a reproductive tonic, Shatavari is extremely effective for all stages of a woman’s reproductive cycle - beginning with the menarche (start of menses), supporting the female system through menses, ovulation and fertility, uterine strength during pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. It also works on hot flashes, irritability, and dryness during menopause. The active compounds within it acts upon all of the tissues within the body, and creates a powerful action known as anabolic action. It is frequently used by mothers after their delivery because it assists in lactation.

Shatavari aids in releasing the extra water weight during periods, and has the ability to balance the pH levels of the vagina. It nourishes the body, and cleanses dry membranes so that the fluids are balanced completely. It is also used in fertility treatment as Shatavari nourishes the ovum. The main herbal rejuvenative for women, Shatavari nourishes and cleanses the blood and the female reproductive organs thus supporting the body's natural fertility. It nourishes the womb and ovum and supports the female organs for pregnancy.

It is not just the female reproductive system, but the benefits extend to the male reproductive system, too. It has the property of increasing all the reproductive fluids and maintains a healthy sperm count.

As a digestive aid, Shatavari soothes the mucus membranes with its qualities, making this herb ideal for the natural balancing of acidic digestion. It is especially useful in nourishing and calming the nerves, nourishing the brain, and helps to support the brain and the body in regaining balance from vata disorders like spasms, pain, and insomnia.

One of the important qualities of Shatavari is that it helps build ojas, the precious fluid in the body that governs vitality, virility, immunity and sleep.

Shatavari is also quite effective for stomach ulcers, cand diarrhea. Dry and irritated membranes in the upper respiratory tract are soothed by this herb making it useful in cases of bronchitis and chronic fevers. Known as an adaptogenic herb, Shatavari minimizes the negative effects of stress on the nervous system. This herb is good for anyone under pressure, helping the body and mind to cope with challenges.

Shatavari, Which Offers a Number of Benefits to Both Men and Women, Ensures:

  • A healthy female reproductive system toning and nourishing the female reproductive organs
  • Healthy levels of breast milk production
  • Supports the already balanced female hormones
  • Treats PMS symptoms by relieving pain and controlling blood loss during menstruation.
  • Supports the male reproductive system also
  • Healthy production of shukra (semen) in males.
  • Soothing effect on the digestive tract
  • Healthy peristalsis of bowels
  • Moisturizing support of the respiratory tract
  • Healthy energy levels and strength
  • Support to the immune system and digestive system
  • Healthy hormonal balance

How Can Shatavari be Used?

Health benefits of Shatavari powder are well recognized, but it is equally effective in a tablet form, or as a liquid extract - the choice is entirely yours! Shatavari powder is available in the market as Shatavarni Churna. You can start with a quarter or half spoon in a glass of warm milk. Shatavari tablets can be easier to use for those who desire the convenience of a tablet, or do not like the taste of the powder. It is recommended that you take Shatavari twice a day and make sure that you take the medication after a meal. You will see excellent results on your body and mind when you incorporate this amazing medication into your lifestyle.

If you feel pain occur at the time of the monthly cycle, take Shatavari Powder in a dosage of 2 tsp twice a day with a cup of hot milk.

The medicated oil from the Shatavari herb offers a number of health benefits, and is useful in massages. It strengthens the muscles, reduces pain in lumbago, sciatica, inflamed joints and is also effective in paralysis or paresis.

If you ever find yourself with a male or female related problem, turn to Shatavari – the definite cure to such problems.