Sneak Peek at Your Kitchen- Magical Herbs

Sneak peak at your kitchen magical herbs

Can you cook without herbs or a spice? The outcome is something your kids will definitely make faces to eat. Herbs and spices in our daily food are not only taste-makers but also have a deep impact on our body. Since ages immemorial, herbs have always been a part of Ayurveda medicine preparations. Brewed decoctions of herbs, smooth pastes and dry powders were made out of leaves and stored in containers. Now that we have got used to supplements, we don't care much about the naturally available herbs that are purest in their form without preservatives or colours.

Just take a deeper look at your kitchen, you will find various kinds of herbs that are purely magical. They heal your body like no other medication. Here is a list of those magical herbs that you can easily find and use too.

List Of Magical Herbs Used In Our Regular Kitchen

1. Basil

Basil is more popular as the Holy Basil or Tulasi in the local language, the leaves are all-rounders. As kids, we were all treated with basil leaves for rashes, itchy skin and insect bites. It worked wonders on the skin and got relieved instantly. Imagine how the leaves work when consumed on a regular basis. In western countries, basil is an essential part of every soup, salad and spread. This herb works well for indigestion, intestinal worms, nausea, gas and colic in babies. It also helps treat sleep disorders too. Chop and spread the leaves as a topping on your dish and see how it works wonders!

2. Thyme

Thyme is also known as Maruvam or Banajwain, thyme is a powerhouse of antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is more popular as flower decoration in South India but the Western countries use it extensively in cooking. The essence of thyme is very strong and your dishes will turn out aromatic. In aromatherapy, thyme occupies the first place. The pure extract is used as a cough expectorant in relieving cold and cough almost instantly. When taken internally, it can clean the stomach and intestines from the most harmful H.pylori bacteria.

3. Garlic

Is there anybody who cannot stand a garlic clove? No food lover can do that. Garlic bulbs are popular for their strong aroma and taste properties. Garlic cloves have amazing health benefits and help in reducing blood sugar, maintaining cholesterol levels in the body or boosting the immune system trust garlic to do the job. Ear infections, bronchitis, tuberculosis and other air-borne diseases can be easily treated with garlic bulbs. You can either include it in your food or chop it into tiny pieces and add it to a glass of water and drink it.

4. Sage

Sage is commonly known as Salvi Tulasi or Dharbha, sage leaves are excellent to treat endocrinal disorders and hormonal imbalances. The leaves have a typical aroma and texture and can be used in soups and curries alike. Women who suffer from menopause symptoms like hot flashes, sweating and tummy cramps should make sage leaves a part of their diet. All menopausal symptoms can be controlled.

5. Cayenne

Dry hot chillies that are common all over India are used rarely in the rest of the countries. More popularly known as cayenne pepper, the flakes increase blood circulation and block all the toxic materials that cause infections and inflammation. For sinus and common cold too, cayenne can be the right medicine. Warm a little water, add the flakes and cool the water before consuming it.

Next time when you plan on buying artificial flavour releasing herbs thinks for a while. Naturally available herbs in your kitchen are the best on any given day. Add a dash of these herbs into your daily cooking and enjoy the magic!