24 Amazing Thyme Health Benefits

Thyme benefits

Thyme is one of the incredible herbs found in nature that has a fund of antioxidants and capable of treating a host of diseases. The benefits of thyme oil have been recognized for thousands of years not only in Mediterranean countries, but it has also been used in Ayurveda. Do you know that it contains one of the strongest antioxidants known to man, and it is proved to have killed about 98% of breast cancer cells?

The medicinal properties of thyme come mainly from its essential oils which are extracted through steam distillation of fresh flowers and leaves. The main constituents of its essential oil are Alpha Thujone, Alpha Pinene, Camphene, Beta Pinene, Para Cymene, Alpha Terpinene, Linalool, Borneol, Beta Caryophyllene, Thymol and Carvacrol.

Uses of Thyme oil include in areas such as aromatherapy, cooking, potpourri, mouthwashes, and elixirs, as well as added to ointments.

Most of The Health Benefits of Thyme are Listed Below

1. Anticarcinogenic

Thyme is considered a wonderful anticarcinogenic. In a study it was seen that in vitro breast cancer treatment, thyme essential oil was able to kill 98% breast cancer cells in less than 72 hours.

2. Common Skin Ailments

Thyme is known to be effective all types of skin ailments, including eczema. Thyme essential oil fungal cream can be used for all types of dermatological problems.

3. Yeast Infections

One of the benefits of Thyme essential oil is that it is extremely effective against all types of yeast infections.

4. Low Blood Pressure

Some chemotypes of thyme can normalize low blood pressure.

5. High Blood Pressure

Thyme is quite effective for controlling high blood pressure

Studies have revealed that an extract of thyme is quite effective for controlling high blood pressure.

6. Arthritis

Thyme Essential Oil is a stimulant, and thereby stimulates or activates circulation. It is also a diuretic which increases urination, which in turn helps in removing toxins from the body while creating a healing effect.

7. Diuretic

Thyme oil increases urination, thereby removing excess water, salts and toxins from the body. This can lead to weight loss, lower blood pressure, and improved digestion.

8. Improves Menstruation

Some herbs can be found, which stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus - they are called Emmenagogues. Such herbs stimulate and regularize the menstrual flow. Moreover, it can also delay menopause by stimulating the production of certain hormones like estrogen. Thyme essential oil will help restart obstructed menses, give relief from menstruation symptoms such as abdominal pain, fatigue, nausea, depression, and low blood pressure.

9. Cicatrisant

It is a Cicatrisant - it diminishes scars and other spots such as surgical marks, acne, pox, measles and sores.

10. Insecticide

Thyme oil can be used to keep insects away and even eliminate them if necessary.

11. Antibacterial Properties

Thyme oil has several antioxidants with antibacterial properties and can inhibit bacterial growth within and outside the body.

12. Flatulence

Thyme oil is used as a carminative – a drug that relieves flatulence. It forces the gases out through downward movement and does not allow the gasses to build up again.

13. Acne

Thyme effective in the treatment of acne

Thyme has proved to be very effective in the treatment of acne. It was found that thyme preparations may be more effective than the usual acne prescription creams.

14. Bronchitis

Thyme oil is an antispasmodic and relieves symptoms such as coughing, cramping and aches due to spasms.

15. Bad Breath

It eliminates bad breath and body odor. One of the uses of thyme is the presence of antiseptic qualities and can be used as a mouthwash to combat tooth decay.

16. Anti-Inflammatory

Thyme oil is effective in relieving pain by suppressing the inflammatory enzymes.

17. Diarrhea

Tea made from Thyme leaves or oils is great against gastric disorders.

18. Aromatherapy

Thyme oil is known for its use in aromatherapy for treating numerous illnesses. Aromatherapy also helps boost the mind, body and spirit.

19. Thyme Boosts Immunity

Thyme is full of vitamin C, and it is also a good source of vitamin A. Thyme is also a good source of copper, fiber, iron and manganese.

20. Antispasmodic

Thyme relieves you from coughs, cramps, and aches due to any sort of spasm. Spasm could take place anywhere - in the respiratory tracts, nerves, muscles, intestines or other organs. Spasms may result in coughs, convulsions, epileptic attacks, cramps and muscular aches, abdominal and intestinal aches.

21. General Heart Health

Thyme oil is that is essential for good heart health

One of the health benefits of Thyme oil is that is essential for good heart health. It strengthens cardiac muscles and tones up the heart while ensuring the proper functioning of the valves, and relaxing arteries and veins, thereby reducing blood pressure.

22. Antiseptic

Thyme essential oil is a good antiseptic and protects the wounds from infections.

23. Tonic

Thyme essential oil also tones up the circulatory system, heart, digestive system, nervous system, muscles, and skin while boosting up your immunity.

24. Expectorant

When you are suffering from colds and coughs, you may need an expectorant to control your cough. One of the great benefits of Thyme essential oil is that it helps cure infections that lead to cough and cold.

Go ahead and give Thyme a try, and believe us when we tell you that it is really good for you!