Top 10 Health Teff Grain Benefits That Very Few Know About

Teff grain benefits

Have you heard of the new super grain that has been creating a buzz in the market in the last few years? If you haven’t, then let us be the first to introduce you to this tiny grain with a super powerful punch when it comes to teff benefits for health. The grain is called Teff grain and is native to Eritrea and Ethiopia in Africa. It is one of the staples in Ethiopian cuisine, yet very few have heard of it.

What is Teff?

This tiny and ancient super food has been gaining popularity in the US for its varied applications, its nutritional content, high dietary fiber, iron and calcium content and the rapid cooking time. Scientifically names Eragrotistef, this grain is also, known as Williams’ love-grass or annual bunch grass -an annual grass species. Locally, it is often called Tigrinya, Amharic, and Oromo.

People from the Ethiopian highlands were the first to domesticate plant and animals for food and the teff plant was one among those. Many believe it originated in Eritrea and Ethiopia between 4000 and 1000 BC. Like other super foods like millet, quinoa, amaranth, nachini etc. it is available in various colors from red to white. This tiny grain is home to several nutrients, minerals, vitamins, fiber and organic compounds that it’s a miracle it has stayed unknown for close to a century.

Teff's Popularity:

The teff has been an important part of the diet for distance runners especially Ethiopia. Olympic gold medalist and holder of a world record Haile Gebrselassie can vouch for teff grain benefits. Since it is inherently high in minerals and low in gluten, endurance athletes and people suffering from gluten intolerance prefer Teff in their diets. Health-aware customers have been opting for these super foods as they are nutrient dense and haven’t been genetically altered.

Some of the most important teff health benefits include its capacity to help with weight loss, improve blood circulation, decrease period issues, recovery of bone health, help appropriate growth and development, enhance body resistance, help with Celiac disease, manage diabetic indicators, enhance absorption, and improve heart health.

Look at a few Teff Grain Health Benefits

Growth and Development: Don’t you want your children to grow and develop well? Well, filled with 8 varied amino acids, that includes the rare amino acid called lysine, teff grain could be the right choice for you. Proteins in your body help to create new cells, restore the old cells, and aid the overall development through your life. Eating meat helps you get proteins, however, the ones derived from vegetables are easier to breakdown into their constituents. This makes teff grain an important addition to your diet whether you are vegetarian, vegan or a meat-eater.

Defense Mechanism:

Though most grains have enough minerals in them, very few have vitamins as a part of their constituents, especially vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important part of your body’s defense mechanism since it aids the creation and movement of WBC’s in your body. Not only this, this vitamin is one of the main elements in collagen that helps in creating new cells, organs, blood vessels, and muscles.

High protein and vitamin C content of teff grain, makes it a useful dietary staple that can help you maintain your health.

Celiac (Gluten intolerance) Care:

As more people are discovering they are suffering from a gluten intolerance -known as the Celiac disease, it has become vital that you look for gluten free foods as an alternative to gluten-containing foods. Gluten intolerance or celiac disease is very painful and can be unsafe for those who suffer from it. So, a nutrient rich gluten-free option like teff grain makes for a healthy, enjoyable choice if you are looking to avoid gluten.

Aids Bone Density:

One of teff benefits is being a rich source of not only several minerals and nutrients, but it is also an impressive source of calcium. Bone growth depends on calcium present in the body and is needed for bone growth and development while helping you maintain solid bone mineral density as you grow old. If you are at a higher risk of contracting osteoporosis or lack calcium in your diet, then adding this super food to it can help to protect your bone and its density as you grow old.

Enhances Blood Circulation:

Most people often suffer from anemia or iron deficiency in their lives. To make sure the levels are enough, doctors usually recommend a dietary supplement of iron. One of teff grain benefits is its iron content. Iron is a crucial component in RBC’s and a deficiency in iron can cause weakness, giddiness, perception damage, muscle spasms, and headaches. If you need to increase your blood circulation and oxygenation to key organ systems and areas in your body, then make sure you add a teff grain products like flour or bread to your diet.

Improve Copper in the body:

Do you know teff grain has high concentrations of copper. Copper in your body plays an important role in producing energy, development and reparation, enzymatic responses, nervous system functioning, and creating of RBC’s. Improper levels of copper can hamper our body’s systems that will fail in the absence of copper.

Maintain Heart Health:

One of the best teff grain benefits is maintaining your heart health. Since the grain has less salt in it, it prevents the arteries from being blocked and recent studies suggest this super food can efficiently reduce blood pressure. Reduction in blood pressure means lowering your chances of suffering from a heart attack or stroke, reducing the strain on your cardiac system.

Control Diabetes:

A secondary teff benefit most people fail to notice is its capacity to help diabetics manage their health condition. Since it slows down the release of insulin in your blood stream, this super food helps to avoid dangerous highs and lows in the sugar levels that can happen if you aren’t cautious. This is possible due to its fiber content and complex chemical bonds in the grain.

Gastric Regulator:

High in fiber content, teff has been used as a purgative, or to speed up your digestion. The fiber present in the grain can bulk up stools, encourage peristaltic motion, and increase the consistency and quality of your bowels. Not only that, but it can also help you maintain cholesterol levels in your body by removing extra omega-6 fatty acids, while relieving constipation, distending, cramping, and other graves to mach issues.

Helps Menstrual Pain:

Teff grain has anti-inflammatory properties and has been used to ease the menstrual pain for centuries. If you are prone to heavy bleeding during your periods, severe cramps, or other bodily indicators of menstruation, then making teff a part of your food intake will help to reduce discomfort allowing you to have a peaceful period.

No one has reported any side effects of teff grain and research studies haven’t found any allergenic properties in Teff. What this means – you can make teff a part of your diet without worrying about consequence.