6 Benefits of Oil Pulling- Oral Detoxification for Your Body

Benefits of oil pulling

Oil pulling which was earlier mocked by people is now slowly gaining popularity as an all-in-one detoxification process for the body. This magical remedy dates back to the 16th century when ayurvedic experts used coconut oil or sesame oil to clean the mouth and make gums healthy. It was an early morning ritual and nobody missed it. The logic behind such a technique is that since the tongue is connected to each and every body part, it sends signals to the brain to send bodily toxins to the mouth where they can be flushed out with the oil

How to do it- On an empty stomach, two spoonfuls of coconut or sesame oil (any oil that you use for cooking) must be swished in your mouth for 10 to 15minutes without gulping it. After 15mins, spit out the oil and brush your teeth well with your regular toothpaste. Do not eat immediately after oil pulling. Take a 30min break and then have breakfast. Starting from cleansing bacteria in the mouth to detoxifying the whole body, oil pulling can do it all.

6. Benefits Of Oil Pulling

Here are the benefits of oil pulling. After reading, you too will start making it a morning routine;

1. Whitens Teeth

Who doesn't want pearly white teeth? The food we eat tends to discolor our teeth and only chemical pastes or washes can clean them. But two weeks of oil pulling can whiten your teeth and brighten up the enamel. Since the process involves intense cleaning action, the teeth are washed thoroughly.

2. Detoxifies The Body

The gateway for bacterial micro-organisms in the mouth. When you use oil to clean the mouth, all the harmful bacteria stick to the oil and get out of the body.

3. Cleans The Skin

Blemishes, scars, acne, and a plethora of other skin disorders are all due to toxins in the body. Without the toxins, our skin literally shines. Oil pulling has a drastic effect on the skin because all the unwanted material doesn't have a chance to settle under the skin. If you are a victim of severe acne, oil pulling is the best medicine you can count on.

4. Boosting The Immune System

We are prone to diseases only when the immune system is weak. Cooking oils contain antioxidants and a bunch of minerals that help in vitalizing immunity and keeping sickness away. Fresh and pure oils increase blood supply to all the organs and strengthen the system.

5. Increase Good Cholesterol

The only reason why we use oil as a base for cooking is because of its cholesterol-balancing property. When the mouth comes in touch with any kind of oil, at least a little is absorbed into the body and pumped to the heart. This way, arteries are cleaned there is no scope for LDL cholesterol to occupy the heart chambers. People with cardiac diseases must make oil pulling a part of their daily routine.

6. Prevents Wrinkles On The Face

When you swish and swirl the oil in your mouth, the face benefits the most. Due to the swirling action, facial muscles and skin get a vigorous workout and undergo a drastic change in the long run. This way wrinkles can be prevented.

Instead of gulping supplements, resorting to unnecessary cleansing methods, try oil pulling for a couple of days and notice the change in your body. You will realize that Ayurveda was absolutely right. You can carry out the process while watering your plants or going about with household work. Simple yet highly effective!