Harnessing the Power of Your Hands – Techniques of Energy Healing

Of all the things a human body is blessed with, hands form an indispensible part. Because it is through hands that the most important of senses can be experienced, and thoughts be put into action. Given their uniqueness, it should be no wonder that hands are also blessed with the power to heal. Just as a thousand feelings can be conveyed through the grasp of a hand, universal energy that bears the roots of existence is tapped through meditation and other systems, and distributed through the palms of healers, the process of which is called energy healing.

Established forms of spirituality such as Reiki, Pranic Healing which have been practicing the art of using universal energy to cure ailments, all use hands, or sometimes crystals and metal objects for processes of distant healing or concentrated healing. Qualified healers, or Masters as they are called, after clearing a certain stage in the related school of alternative medicine, are eligible to provide treatment spanning a series of ‘sessions’.

Energy healing is associated more with the cleansing of one’s soul rather than the body, to facilitate overall harmony, which in turn means being free of all or any ailments at all.

Metaphysical forms of healing that concentrate on the aura are the most common of energy healing procedures. In this technique, a healer works the invisible, outer layer of a body, the aura, to balance energy levels and restore the state of well-being by getting rid of negative energy. Sometimes the recipients of the treatment are advised to bathe in salt water, or use bath oils that bring about a refreshing experience.

Similarly, Reiki and Pranic Healing techniques also concentrate on restoring the natural equilibrium of a body, but often penetrate the aura to focus on the chakras, to establish the root cause of an ailment. Masters use their own hands or crystal, metal pointers shaped like that of a pyramid to receive energy and channel it to the affected areas. This procedure is broken into segments, as assessed by a healer, based on the progress of the patient’s condition and genuine feedback.

Most of the energy healing techniques are either preceded or concluded by a general cleansing procedure, which serves as a formal but temporary termination of the session, aimed at closing all the chakras to ensure maximum immunity until the next session.