Top 10 Health Benefits Of Catnip – The Medicinal Herb With Healing Properties

health benefits of catnip

The use of herbal plants is nothing new in the history of medicine. Among the different plants and herbs used, catnip needs special mention. This is a flowering perennial plant and also known by names like catswort and catmint. The scientific name of the herb is Nepeta cataria and it is used for various purposes. The herb is available all across Asia and Europe and is exported from these parts to the whole world. Catnip can be applied externally with the help of leaves and essential oil. Another way of using catnip is via catnip tea, which can be brewed with the help of the leaves.

There are innumerable health benefits of catnip. Some important ones are as follows:

1. Helps in delaying premature aging

No one wants to look aged and old. However, increasing pollution and stress contribute to premature aging in men and women. Signs of aging start developing on the skin and makes one look dull and drab. Catnip tea proves to be excellent in such situations and this is because catnip leaves abound in anti-oxidants. Antioxidants help in fighting the damage causing free radicals in the body and signs like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin etc start disappearing. Even if premature aging starts, the process can be reversed with regular consumption of catnip tea.

2. Helps in relieving stress

Stress is a major factor, which is affecting majority of people in today’s world. Catnip has sedative qualities and can offer relief from stress successfully. The herb also has qualities of lowering anxiety levels on long-term basis. Use catnip in any way for reaping the benefits of the herb. You can create juice from the leaves or make catnip tea and consume the same. The immunity and defense mechanism of the body also gets a boost with this herbal ingredient. Moreover, secondary signs of long-term stress can be combated with the help of catnip.

3. Helps in treating various kinds of nervous system disorders

Nervous system in individuals is essential for the proper working of the system. Essential oil extracted from catnip herb contains nervine properties and they help in keeping the nervous system calm and composed. Nerve related disorders can be combated successfully with this natural remedy. Some of these ailments include Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, vertigo etc. The nerves are stimulated with the help of this essential oil and their functioning is bettered and enhanced thus offering relief from nervous disorders.

4. Great remedy for dandruff

Dandruff is a common problem from which men and women suffer. The main cause of dandruff is dry scalp. Catnip can be used as a solution for dandruff because the herb has antiseptic and astringent properties. Create a cool concoction of the herb and store it in a bottle. Apply this on the scalp and on the hair and let it remain for some time. Wash off hair after that. Catnip essential oil can also be used as a leave-on-serum so that the scalp remains hydrated and moisturized. If the scalp is not dry, there are no chances of dandruff.

5. Catnip tea great in menstrual cramps

Many women complain of extremely painful menstrual cramps. This is one area in which health benefits of catnip tea can be leveraged. Consuming catnip tea helps in reduces menstrual cramps successfully as well as reduces stress on the body significantly. Other signs of menstruation like depression and mood swings can also be soothed with catnip tea as the natural ingredient has sedating and cooling effects.

6. Helps in improving digestive health significantly

Digestive issues can get really problematic if they are not dealt in the right manner at the right time. Problems like cramping, constipation, bloating, excessive flatulence can be combated easily with the help of catnip. Organic components that make up catnip contain anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, which can soothe the gastrointestinal disorders and digestive problems successfully. The tightness and discomfort of the stomach can be alleviated with this natural ingredient successfully.

7. Helps in weight loss

Catnip has diaphoretic attributes, which help in ensuring proper health of individuals successfully. Using this herb leads to sweating. And sweating is a great way of removing harmful toxins from the system. When the body is devoid of toxins and harmful components, the metabolic system functions well. And when the rate of metabolism in the body is balanced, the process of fat burning is enhanced. This leads to weight loss in the most scientific manner without any harmful side effects.

8. Helps in dealing with skin conditions

Bug bites are common and everyone faces such problems in their lives at least once. Extract from catnip leaves can be applied on the affected areas so that the area can be soothed. In case there is immense irritation from the bug bite, it can be handled with extract of catnip leaves. The process of recovery is hastened with this ingredient along with lowering inflammation in the affected area.

9. Great for kidney health

Catnip has diuretic properties and hence it causes frequent urination. People who suffer from edema caused due to renal failure can benefit greatly from this natural ingredient. Drinking a cup of catnip tea helps in improved urination in individuals. This means that the toxic elements stored in the kidney (Kidney stones) are removed from the body successfully. People with renal problems can benefit greatly from catnip tea.

10. Helps in getting good sleep

Good and deep sleep is very important for overall well-being of an individual. Sleep restlessness and insomnia are two of the most common problems of people today. And this lack of sleep triggers various kinds of health disorders in the body. The sedative nature of catnip helps in inducing sleep in individuals by relaxing the body as much as possible. Before going to bed, drink a small cup of catnip tea and get a night of relaxed and peaceful sleep. The next morning you get up fresh and rejuvenated.

The best part of using catnip is that it is completely natural and has no potential side effects. It is safe to use the ingredient in any form that is suitable.