How To Fight Depression With Out Medicines?

How To Fight Depression With Out Medicines

Depression is one of the most widespread conditions globally. People largely rely on anti-depressant medicines to relieve themselves temporarily of this condition. Psychiatrists also suggest that patients who suffer from mild depression should try alternate ways of cure rather than medicines meant for severe cases.

Tips To Fight Depression Without Medicines

Presenting some of the alternatives to help you bounce back to activity and composure;

1. Exercise

Doing exercise is a great way to boost vigor and vitality and come out of mild depression. This is possible because exercise regulates serotonin and other chemicals that control mood swings. Any activity did rhythmically for more than 20 minutes counts as good exercise

2. Mood journal

understand the patterns of your moods and depression is the key to curing it. As they say "correct diagnosis is the half cure". In our state of loneliness and dissatisfaction, we cross all the positive things that happen and dwell over the negative incidents. Mood journals can remedy this by capturing the events for later review. People reported feeling better from week 2 itself

3. Acupuncture

There are strong viewpoints on both if efficacy and irrelevance. However, just as any healing system, Acupuncture has its own science and system. By improving the flow of blood and "lifetimes" the brain waves are stabilized and the results are shown on behavior and attitude

4. Close support group

The benefits of this system are grossly undervalued. This is an excellent form of treatment for mild depression. A group that connects on topics of common interest can give a big morale boost and springs the brain to activity and interest

5. Meditation

The most reliable method is to meditate and strengthen your perspectives of the world. This has been proven to have permanent effects and those who start meditation rarely give it up. Apart from curing depression, it brings in higher emotions such as forgiveness, tolerance, and understanding

6. Saffron powder

It's true! Saffron powder mixed in drinks or dishes has a noticeable effect on the mind. Though expensive, this ingredient generates hormones to combat depression and increases stamina, improves performance on the bed, and develops complexion

7. Yoga

Yoga is more than a mere pose. It is recognized worldwide that, unlike other physical disciplines, Yoga is accompanied from day one with a lighter mind and sensations of wellness. It also improves energy levels, corrects any physical ailments, and improves sleep quality