Amazing Benefits of Jeera Water for the Entire Body

Jeera Water Benefits

It is a well known fact that cumin seeds (jeera seeds) are used extensively in Indian and Asian cuisine. This condiment has a tepid aroma and a great flavour and is used in curries and other kinds of preparations. Along with being used in different dishes, cumin water brings in many health benefits. It is a great natural remedy for treating various kinds of health problems. Cumin water is also used for treating various hair and skin issues. Take a handful of jeera and boil the same in plain water. Now strain the same and keep the cumin water in a separate glass.

Start your day by drinking a glass of fresh cumin seed water and reap the benefits of the same all throughout the day. Read on to find some of the amazing health benefits that are offered by jeera water. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

Helps in toxin removal from the system

Jeera water has shown great benefits for stomach and liver health. This is because of the antioxidants that are present in the seeds. These help in flushing out all the toxins from the system and carries out complete cleansing of the system from deep within. All the internal organs in the body get a thorough wash with jeera water consumption. Take jeera seeds and soak the same in water overnight. Drink this water the next morning for facilitating production of bile in the liver. This will help in combating abdominal gas, acidity and bloating.

Helps in treating anaemia successfully

Anaemia is a common problem from which majority of women suffer. Many men also have this problem. Cumin has good iron content and this can help in combating the problem of anaemia successfully. The formation of red blood corpuscles is mainly controlled by iron in the body. Along with RBC formation, the amount of oxygen-carrying haemoglobin in the bloodstream is also increased significantly with iron. Jeera water helps in combating acute deficiency of iron in the body, which causes anaemia.

Helps in improving digestion

Many studies stand evidence to the fact that cumin seeds have the capability of improving digestion in the body. Drinking a glass of jeera water everyday can help in stimulating the secretion of various kinds of enzymes in the body which can break fats, glucose and carbohydrates successfully. The metabolic system in the body also gets a boost along with keeping the digestive system right on track. Various kinds of digestive disorders like mal-absorption syndrome, flatulence, diarrhea, morning sickness, atonic dyspepsia etc. can be avoided with regular consumption of jeera water.

Has positive results for the respiratory system

The respiratory system in the human body gets boosted with jeera water. This is because cumin seeds are anti-congestive in nature. They can help in diluting the mucous deposition that has taken place in the chest area and discharge it as much as possible. Because of the anti-septic properties of cumin seeds, the microorganisms that are responsible for causing fever, cough and cold are killed and such problems can be averted successfully.

Helps in skin nourishment

Among the many jeera water benefits, skin nourishment is an important one. Rich source of anti-oxidants, jeera water helps in fighting free radicals in the skin and protects skin from impending damage. Not only this, with proper functioning of the digestive system, the skin is able to absorb various kinds of nutrients in a better manner and remains healthy and nourished. The important minerals present in cumin seeds like potassium, manganese, calcium, selenium, copper, etc help in maintaining supple, soft and smooth skin.

Helps in nourishing hair and makes it silky

Along with nourishing skin, cumin seeds also show prominent results for nourishing hair. Jeera water helps in providing nutrition to each and every strand of hair. The hair gets abundant nutrition right from the roots with important vitamins and minerals that are present in cumin seeds. With strong roots, it is obvious that strong and healthy tresses can be obtained without any problem. Along with strong hair, the texture of the hair becomes smooth and shiny and makes it look simply great.

Since this is a completely natural remedy, there are no chances or risks of any kinds of side effects taking place from the same. In fact, there are no hassles in making jeera water too. The cumin seeds just need to be soaked in plain water and the water needs to be consumed. No additional efforts are required for the same.