8 Science-Based Health Benefits of Moringa for Health , Hair and Skin

health benefits of moringa

Many people might not be familiar with the name moringa. But as soon as you mention drumsticks, they will easily identify the item. Used extensively in South Indian cuisines, you will find moringa in sambhar and various kinds of lentil preparations. The vegetable tastes great and has unique texture at the same time. The drumsticks are fleshy and juicy. Moringa plant is considered as multipurpose in nature as almost all parts of the tree can be utilized in one way or the other. The pods, leaves, flowers, fruits, roots and bark – all are highly beneficial and useful.

Read on to know about the various health benefits of moringa:

1. Leaves of moringa tree help in controlling blood sugar

Among the many health benefits of moringa leaves, controlling blood sugar needs special mention. Lightly toast few moringa leaves and eat a tablespoon of the same early in the morning. This herbal remedy has been practiced since ancient times for treating hyperglycemia. Along with taking moringa leaves during early morning, try taking about 50 grams fresh moringa leaves in normal diet. You will notice that blood sugar spikes after the meal is reduced considerably with this step.

2. Helps in offering great nutritional support

Someone said rightly that having a moringa tree planted in the house garden will cater to nutritional requirements of every individual in the family as per their own needs. The leaves of the moringa tree need special mention in this regard. They are great source of calcium and other beneficial vitamins and minerals. Along with vitamins and minerals, this natural ingredient abounds in protein as well. Build a healthy mind and body with excellent nutritional support from moringa.

3. Moringa helps in stimulating hair growth and development

You will be amazed to know about the benefits of moringa for hair. Moringa can help in making an excellent hair tonic because it contains essential nutrients in the form of vitamin A and E, zinc and essential amino acids. All these components boost production of keratin thus giving good hair growth and development. The seeds of moringa are high in fat content. The oil which is extracted from the moringa seeds is known as Ben oil. The oil is stable and oxidation resistant. Moringa oil is used extensively for hair care and skin care products.

4. Helps in improving kidney functionalities

Roots of the moringa tree contain various kinds of active compounds, which have great medicinal properties. Infact the concentration of the active compounds is much more in the roots when compared to the leaves. The roots have detoxifying and diuretic properties, which help in improving kidney functions effectively. Urinary tract infections can also be combated with the help of moringa tree root. Kidney stones can also be treated with this root as it helps in flushing out excess calcium from the kidneys successfully. Inflammation and pain associated with kidney stones are also alleviated with moringa root.

5. Helps in combating various kinds of cancers

One of the greatest health benefits of moringa powder is that it helps in providing protection against various kinds of cancers. Moringa powder works as an anti-cancer agent and this is possible because of the various components present in the natural ingredient. Along with vitamin A, C and E, the ingredient abounds in quercetin, kaempferol and rhamnetin. Test and study results have proved that moringa shows great effects against lung, skin, ovarian and liver cancers. Using just 7 grams of moringa leaf powder acts as excellent supplement for fighting cancer.

6. Helps in treating gastrointestinal problems and promotes weight loss

Gastrointestinal problems when not treated at the right time and in the right manner create grave problems in the future. Add moringa leaves to vegetables and soups. These leaves also have slight laxative effect. The problem of constipation can be relieved with this natural remedy as moringa leaves are high in fiber content as well. Digestive problems caused due to gastrointestinal microbes and worms can be combated with moringa. Once the digestive system is healthy, the metabolic system also works fine in the body. And hence weight loss can be promoted successfully with moringa.

7. Moringa is excellent for skin

There are innumerable benefits of moringa for skin. This natural ingredient helps in treating dandruff issues along with other kinds of scalp problems successfully. Premature signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, dark spots etc can also be eliminated with the help of moringa. Infact the herbal treatment for premature aging signs has been tried and tested since ancient times. The antioxidant properties in moringa oil play a crucial role in this regard. Skin complaints of blackheads and acne can also be reduced successfully with moringa. The problems can be worsened with fungal and bacterial infections. Moringa oil helps in unclogging skin pores and provides cleansing effects. Acute skin ailments like psoriasis and eczema can also be controlled excellently with the help of moringa oil.

8. Helps in treatment of various kinds of respiratory problems and allergies

Like moringa leaves, flowers and fruits, there are many health benefits of moringa seeds as well. Inflammation caused in the bronchial passage and bronchial asthma can be easily combated with the help of moringa seed extract. This is because these seed extracts contain anti-allergenic qualities. Inhibitory action of moringa seeds has been validated for various allergic diseases including anaphylaxis and allergic rhinitis. Severity of asthmatic attacks is reduced with moringa seed extracts. Symptoms like cough, wheezing, chest tightness and dyspnea can be combated successfully with moringa seed extract. Better respiration and lung function is guaranteed with this natural ingredient.

Along with all the above mentioned benefits of moringa, there are many other uses of this natural ingredient as well. It is extensively used in various kinds of recipes and culinary dishes and comes with all the benefits. Moreover, moringa acts as feed for farm animals, helps in water purification, acts as seed oil and acts as plant growth stimulator at the same time. Use various parts of the moringa tree and enjoy the benefits they offer.