Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Ear Infection

Ayurvedic treatment for Ear infection

Ear infections can be quite tedious to cope with, regardless of age group or ethnicity. When ear infections hit you, it is important that you seek proper treatment. Conventional medications and medical intervention is there but you may also opt for ayurveda. For mild to moderate ear infection, seeking herbal ayurvedic treatment is viable. Herbs like garlic, plant oil can be helpful when applied topically. However, you will also benefit by including such herbs in your diet. While these herbs do not lead to complications, you should seek medical help if their application does not improve things.

The ear is a vital organ in the human body and when it develops any infection or ailment, the result can be quite hassle some. Ear infections can be caused by numerous factors, but when they happen, you need to find a remedy fast. Or else, complications can crop up. While you may seek expert medical intervention to treat complicated ear related ailments and conditions, for commonplace infections Ayurveda is a viable option. It is not without reasons plenty of people are seeking Ayurvedic treatment for Ear infection nowadays.

Why Seek Ayurveda for Ear Infections

It may seem a new idea for some people to try Ayurvedic therapies and Herbs for ear infection, but Ayurveda has existed since the ancient ages. The major benefit of using Ayurvedic remedies is they do not lead to side effects. You will be using hearb and plant extracts and they do not contain any chemicals.

What types of Ear Infections are Covered by Ayurvedic Treatments?

Human ear has 3 sections- inner, middle and outer ear. Middle ear related infections are seen mostly in kids while external media related infections are seen mostly in adults. Using Ayurveda is possible to help a person cope with both types of ear infections. The reasons leading to ear infections are:

  • Cold
  • Allergy
  • Entry of foreign particles in the ear tube
  • Swimming induced moist ear tunnels
  • Piercing can sometimes lead to infections

What Ayurvedic solutions can be used for ear infections?

You can make use of a number of plants and herbs as recommended in Ayurveda to treat ear infections.


Garlic for ear infection

Garlic is a herb that is used to cook numerous dishes. It has antibacterial properties and using it to treat ear infections caused by bacteria is a prudent idea. You can use garlic juice and pour a few drops in the ear using a dropper. You may also make a mixture of garlic paste and salt and wrap it in cloth. This cloth can be placed on the affected ear.

Basil Leaves:

Basil leaves for ear infection

Basil leaves are widely used in Ayurveda since the earlier days of human civilization for its powerful healing properties. It can also be deployed to get relief from pain caused by ear infections. Take a handful of fresh basil leaves and then crush them to extract juice. Pour this juice in the infected ear. This Ayurvedic treatment for Ear infection can be used for a few days until you experience the benefits.

Plant Oil:

Specific types of plant oils can also be used as remedies for ear infections. Lukewarm sesame oil can be dropped into the infected ear in small amounts.

Neem /Margosa:

Neem for ear infection

Neem is a plant with proven antibacterial properties. You can put a few neem leaves in mustard oil and make it lukewarm. This can be dropped in infected ear to get relief.


Turmeric for ear infection

It is another widely used herb that can be found in almost every household. You should use raw and organic turmeric roots. A few drops of turmeric root juice should be dropped in affected ear every day. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help bring down pain and infection.


Onion for ear infection

This pungent smelling vegetable is also ideal for treating ear infections. You can slice onions and extract juice. Pour a few drops of this juice inside the ear to reduce ear pain caused by infections.

Mango Leaf:

Mango leaf for ear infection

Mangoes are loved by a lot of people, but few are aware of the antibacterial property of its leaves. Crush a few mango leaves to get the juice and drop inside the ear slowly in small amount. This Ayurvedic treatment for Ear infection works very well.

Dietary Measures

Along with external and topical application of some Ayurvedic herbs, you can also make some changes in diet to reduce ear infection. It is necessary to include herbs, spices and foods with anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

You should use herbs like ginger and turmeric in cooking to help the body from inside to speed up recovery from ear infections. These two herbs can be used to make myriads of dishes, as it is. Summarily, you should evade eating sour food for some time. Sour fruits and curds are such examples. Eating cold and refrigerated foods should also be evaded.

Summing It Up

Ear infection can be mild or severe, based on the root cause and diagnosis. Ayurveda is a way to treat some such infections. However, for complex ear ailments better to visit ayurveda specialists in Kolkata or ayurveda hospitals in Kolkata for further suggestions .