Amazing Butterfly Pea Flower Benefits & Butter Fly Pea Tea Side Effects

Butterfly Pea Flower benefits

Have you always complained of low energy levels or are you suffering due to lack of brainpower? If your answer is a yes, then you might find the much needed respite with Butterfly Pea Flower. Yes, you heard it right! Butterfly pea benefits are still unknown to many and the flower when consumed in the form of a tea can solve problems related to anxiety, stress, eyesight, premature ageing and loss of collagen from the skin.

Butterfly pea also goes by the name of Asian Pigeon Wings in Asia and is also called as Blue Bell Vine or Cordofan Pea. The herb is known for its brain boosting properties and is mostly found in Equatorial Asia.

The History

There may be many people out there who might have seen this easily growing plant on the roadside but ignored it for good reasons. Butterfly pea flower has been used in both Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine to cure disorders related to memory. It also works wonders as a brain booster and anti-stress agent.

Butterfly pea flower has a bright indigo color and was also used as natural food coloring or to make a vibrant looking purple colored tea. The flower is packed with antioxidants and peptides that help solve various health issues. The flower is also used in the making of a number of beauty products, thanks to the flavanoid and quercetin present in it.

12 Butterfly Pea Flower Health Benefits

Improves Eyesight

The butterfly pea flower contains the antioxidant named Proanthocyanidin. Proanthocyanidin helps improve the blood flow to the eyes, thus improving vision. It also can be used to treat blurred vision, tired eyes and retinal damage.

Butterfly Pea Flower Benefit - Improves Eyesight

Promotes Hair Growth

Butterfly Pea flower has high contents of bioflavonoids and thus prevents graying of hair and also promotes the growth of hair. The butterfly pea benefits for hair, thus can’t be ignored.

Improve Skin Texture

The anti-oxidants present in this stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. This process rejuvenates one’s skin and also reduces any other signs of aging like wrinkles.


Butterfly pea flower has been used from olden days as an Aphrodisiac. This is said to show amazing results when used to treat menstrual problems in women.


Butterfly pea flower has compounds like anthocyanins, phenolic, flavonoids and these improve the antioxidant activity of the herb. This is thus used to treat ailments related to stress. The flower also works wonders of free radicals and delays any signs of aging.


Butterfly pea flower not only enhances the cognitive function but also boosts the functions of the brain.


People suffering from urinary problems can use this herb as it helps in natural urination. This in turn helps lower the blood pressure.


Butterfly pea flower was once used as a local anesthetic and it is also known to provide relief from pains and swelling.


The flower also has Anxiolytic properties, which show a very calming effect on one’s body. This thus helps to reduce the stress and anxiety levels.


The deep indigo colored flowers are chock-full of flavonoids, which provide amazing benefits to our immunity system. These can thus be used to drive away any pains as well.


These flowers are also used in the treatment of cold, asthma and cough. The herb can be taken as an expectorant and relives the respiratory organs of any irritation.


The butterfly pea flower is known to have anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties. High doses of this herb are also given to patients who have the problem of stressors.

The above mentioned are some of the butterfly pea flower benefits. Other than the above mentioned, there are various other health benefits of the same.

Using Butterfly Pea Flower in Food

Butterfly pea flower has been used widely in Thai food to provide a natural indigo color to the recipes. The tea made using fresh or dry flowers is quite popular, thanks again to the amazing health benefits it provides.

Let us now Learn How to Make A Perfect Cup of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Taking tea made of butterfly pea flowers will help lower fatigue and also calms down the nervous system. This is due to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of this herb.

Butterfly Pea Tea Process

Butterfly Pea Tea Recipe Process

An amazing cup of tea can be made using these indigo flowers. All you need is about 10 flowers. You can choose to use fresh flowers plucked right from your garden or used the dry variant that is easily available in the market.

Add these flowers to a cup of boiling hot water and let them sit for at least 15 minutes.

Check to see that there is absolutely no color left on the petals. Strain the tea and discard the flower petal. You would have a mesmerizing indigo colored tea.

Most of the people add lemon grass to the butterfly pea tea as it enhances its taste. You can as well create a sour flavor by adding a few drops of lemon juice to the same. By doing so, the color of the tea changes to deep purple.

You can even create a bright red color rejuvenating tea by adding a few petals of fuchsia roselle hibiscus.

Most of the online herbal stores do have dried butterfly pea flowers that can be used for the preparation of the tea. You can as well grow the flowers yourself and dry, then naturally to use at a later stage.

Butterfly Pea Tea Side Effects

Butterfly pea tea certainly has more benefits than the side effects. But, many do suggest that the herb cannot be consumed by pregnant women. It is also said that excessive intake of the tea can cause toxic effects at a later stage. It may cause diarrhea.

Now that you know the amazing butterfly pea flower benefits, it is time you get a pack of the dried flowers and start consuming it. It’s time to stay calm and stress free!