Health Benefits of Herb Ginseng

Ginseng health benefits

With every passing day, people are slowly opting for herbal medicine considering the various health benefits they get. People around the world are now waking up to the wonderful benefits of herbal medicines that have been tried and tested for centuries. Among the many herbs, Ginseng is one of the most widely used herbal medicines across various parts of Asia, Latin America and other parts of the world.

Discovering Ginseng

There are as many as 11 Ginseng variants found across the globe. These are intrinsically perennial in nature and look like fleshy roots. Ginseng is known to provide an energy boost, help to lower blood sugar and levels of cholesterol and promote overall well-being, which is why more people are adopting it globally. The herb is shaped like a fork with a long green stalk and oval shaped leaves. Various parts of the herb have been used extensively in treating health conditions for ages. Among its variants, the American Ginseng and Siberian Ginseng are quite popular and are used as ingredients in various medicines and wellness products today.

Ginseng health benefits

Amongst the plethora of benefits of Ginseng, here are a few common benefits of Ginseng.

Energy Boosting Herb:

Ginseng is known to boost energy when consumed if you are feeling weak and tired. It has certain properties that are known to trigger and stimulate physical and mental activity amongst people. Amongst a number of studies being conducted on this subject a Mayo Clinic report points out that patients who suffer from cancer, feel tired and fatigued, can benefit from consumption of ginseng.

Cognitive Function:

There have been many studies on the subject of various ginseng health benefits over the years. The Medical School of Nantong University in China was a part of a study, which found that consumption of this herb helps in cognition, behavioral aspect and improves the quality of life when consumed over a period of time. In fact, many believe that milk mixed with ginseng can help to improve cognitive function.

Helps to Curb Inflammation in Body:

Ginseng is known as a powerful anti-inflammatory. It is known to comprise of as many as 7 various kinds of ginsenosides that have immune suppressive effects that aid in curbing inflammation in the human body. Especially the Korean Red Ginseng is used extensively for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Aids to Prevent Cancer:

Another remarkable benefit of this wonder herb is that it helps in curbing the risk of cancer. The Vanderbilt-Ingram cancer center has done research on the same and found that breast cancer patients who consumed ginseng had better survival rates and improved quality of life.

Aids in Rectifying Erectile Dysfunction:

A lot of people across the globe are known to suffer from erectile dysfunction. In 2002, a study in Korea revealed that as many as 60% of the men suffering from erectile dysfunction benefited by consuming ginseng. In fact, the red ginseng is often used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Aids in curbing Flu and RSV:

Another important ginseng health benefit is the treatment of flu, influenza, and RSV also known as Respiratory Syncytial Virus. A report published by the International Journal of Molecular medicine found that the extract of red ginseng enhanced the survival of flu infected epithelial cells in the lungs.

Aids in Weight loss:

Ginseng also helps weight loss. It is known to have properties that suppress your appetite. That is why ginseng is used to control obesity and diabetes amongst patients worldwide.

Probable Ginseng Side Effects:

Just like any other herb used in the medicine world, ginseng has been subject to a lot of debate and controversy. Here are some of the probable Ginseng side effects

  • Ginseng consumption might cause insomnia and nausea.
  • It may also trigger dizziness, headaches and stomach ache.
  • Women consuming ginseng may suffer from changes in the menstrual cycle.
  • Some people could be allergic to ginseng.

Doctors recommend avoiding ginseng if you are on morphine, blood thinners, antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs and other prescription medicines. Though the actual extent of ginseng side effects is still under debate, doctors recommend using ginseng for a specific time period and not for a long period of time. Visit Ayurveda Specialists in Bangalore or Ayurveda Hospitals in Bangalore immediately if you suffer from blurred vision, irritability, swelling, bleeding, lightheadedness, dryness in the mouth, diarrhea. These are signs of overdosing on ginseng.