How to Maintain Strong and Beautiful Nails

You all must know the importance of nails. They are very vital for our body. It is very important to keep them clean and tidy. They take a lot of pain as they go through a big deal of wear and tear. Nails can be used as great fashion accessory by decorating them and giving them a great look. You can match your nail color and style with your clothes to have trendy look. It is very vital to keep the nails healthy for having a great look. They are no less than your skin so they can break, dry out, peel off, and get infected. You can use manicures and pedicures which are procedures of health and cosmetic used to trim, paint and groom the nails. If your nails are weak they can be healed wt home tips. This can be simple, easy and cheap.

The essentials to have healthy nails are:

  • You should have good balanced diet do that your nails are strong. Drinking water is necessary for every problem. Body hydration is very important and this will help the nails to be strong and hydrated. Eating wide varieties of foods that are healthy will let you nails grow long. Include vegetables and fruits in your diet as they have lots of proteins and vitamins.
  • When you do any household chores like washing clothes, rinsing, cleaning utensils, gardening etc it will be safe to wear gloves as they will protect your nails and hands from too much of moisture and peeling.
  • Don’t use your nails to open soda bottles or removing staples because this will chip off the nails and they become uneven. You can use tools instead of nails.
  • It is important to trim your nails to a length that you can manage. As they will break instead. After trimming nails should be straight across and filed to get a smooth edge. This will prevent breakage. Do it whenever your nails grow. Also trim your toenails straight across as it will prevent ingrown nails. It is specifically important for diabetic people.
  • Always keep moisturizing soap and war water to keep your nails clean and to prevent infections. Hough it is important to keep the nails clean frequent washing is harmful as they will dry out. Every time you wash your hands make sure you moisturize them. While moisturizing gently push the cuticles back and don’t cut them.
  • You can use a nail strengthening treatment or a clear nail polish for keeping the nails healthy and preventing breakage. Nail polish should be removed every week and use a nail polish remover which doesn’t have acetone.
  • You work boots and gym shoes should be aired out. It is better to have two pairs of shoes so that you can switch between them and don’t use sweaty shoes or shoes that are damp as they lead to fungal infections. Socks should be 100% cotton so that they absorb the sweat and keep the feet dry.