Aromatherapy to Beat The Heat

Aromatherapy to Beat The Heat

The Indian subcontinent sees extremes of temperatures thanks to its location in the tropics. We survive the Indian summer thanks to our facilities, malls, and cars, and home that are all now equipped with ACs. The Indian summer sun has its way to take its toll on one's body and mind since it is practically impossible to avoid the sun at all. So, if like most of us if you are being bogged down by the sun, it is important to give your body a special treat every now and then to re-energize it from within and on the outside.

Take Care this Summer

While one might enjoy the summer sun on the beach or elsewhere, it has a way of leaving its mark on your body. Remember that you should not let the sun affect your fun quotient, however, take these simple steps and attend to your body with these treatments of aromatherapy to beat the heat. Pleasant and refreshing oils and their smells have a way of making us feel right at an instant and get us up and moving again.

Add Some Aroma Spray to Your Facewash

While we all will use water many times to wash our face all through the day, one can add a zing to it. Mix a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil into bottles of water and spray it on your face when you feel the heat beating you down. Keep this bottle in the fridge to keep the water cool and enjoy the spray. This is your instant refresher.

Take That Aroma Massage Session

A good massage session at a controlled temperature is the best way to make your body feel pampered this season. The use of aroma oils mixed with the normal oils that are used for massage can make all the difference. The preferred aromatic oils for massage to feel fresh and rejuvenated are tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, and grape seed oil. While the oil smell will make you fresh, one would also feel refreshed after the massage session.

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Ease the Pain of The Sunburn

We all might be exposed to the sun for long and get the usual sunburn. Here is a simple tip to treat sunburn with aromatherapy. Take 1 ounce of water and add about 20 drops of lavender oil. Mix to this 1 ounce of aloe vera extract and dab apply with cotton or put it in a spray bottle to apply on affected to treat the sunburn.

Something for That Hot Flash

Mix peppermint oil, about 6 drops to 2 ounces of water, and shake it well. Put it in a spray bottle, store it in your fridge or a cool place, and spray whenever you experience a hot flash and cool your body. Avoid adding too much oil as it could cause you to feel hotter rather than work to make you feel cool.

Tips To Take Care of Aroma Oils

1. Choose carefully

Though aromatherapy would be a great way to beat the heat, one must also exercise caution and exercise care when using the oils. While the market is flooded with all kinds of oils and therapy treatments, make sure you pick aroma oils of a trusted brand only. It is important to ensure the authenticity of the brand to ensure that it is effective.

2. Avoid direct contact

Also, one has to be careful with the use and application of aromatherapy concoctions and treatments. Avoid direct exposure or contact with eyes or any other sensitive areas of your body.

3. Patch Test

If you are using the oils for the first time, it is important to understand how your body would react to them. Apply the oil in a small area first and see and then go ahead and buy the product.