Homoeopathic Medicines For Weight Loss Side effects

Homoeopathic Medicines For Weight Loss Side-effects

Obesity today is a major health issue in today’s world. Not only in the developed country but also in developing country. Most of the people in today’s world take allopathic medication for quick relief, and they are mentally satisfied with it besides knowing its side effects. Same is with Homeopathic mode of treatment. People take Homeopathic medications for weight loss without knowing its side effects on the body. One of the homeopathic medicine which is famous for the weight loss is Phytolacca Berry, which most of the people take without consultation and thus it produces harmful effects. It is said that Homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects, but it is wrong. It has side effects which a homeopathic physician is very well aware of it but he/she still prescribe homeopathic medicine for weight loss.

Many of the people today don’t know what homeopathy is and how it works. For many people including another mode of treatment homoeopathic medicinal pills are still a placebo. In India today one of the famous homoeopathic pharmaceutical company named as SBL prepares Homeopathic medicines for weight loss which has given marvellous results also.

Homeopathy is based on “Similia Similibus Curantur” which means Like cures Like. It is a mode of treatment in which homeopathic drugs are potentised by the method of trituration and succession which are than proved on healthy human beings of every age and both sexes. The symptoms produced are genuine which help in treating disease. After giving medicine the restoration of health is permanent without any side effects if the medicine is given which contains all the sign and symptoms of the patient than only the patient can be cured otherwise not.

Almost all homeopathic medicines are in dilution form. We cannot recognize medicine by just seeing it. But when these dilutions are mixed with pills which are made up of sugar of milk which does not have any medicinal property of its own, then only these pills shows the true effects of medicines. But most of the people just say these are only sweet pills even after administration of medicine. They don’t have any medicinal value, it is just a placebo. For proving this there are many homeopathic types of research are still going on in India and even out of India to prove that it is not merely a placebo. It also has its effects on the body.

Today every pathy has its own limitations. Homeopathy too has its limitations. The major limitation is emergency and in surgical diseases, where homeopathy cannot cop up with it till now. Homeopathy is also based on the concept of “Individualization” which means on the earth every living being differs from each other. During illness, the symptoms produced by the patient will vary from other. Thus homeopathic medicines given will be different in each case according to the symptoms they have. For obesity homoeopathic physician see the cause, according to which the medicine is prescribed. So we cannot say that on every person Phytolacca berry will work. There are many other homoeopathic medicines for weight loss if given according to the totality.

Homeopathic Medicines For Weight Loss And Their Side Effects

Antimonium Crudum

When taken in large doses, it produces very severe nausea and vomiting. There is the slowness of digestion which produces fermentation, flatulence and alternate constipation and diarrhea. The secretions and flatulence are of a foul odor. With this patient also complains of constant belching and bloating of the abdomen after eating. Female can suffer from too early and profuse menses with tenderness in the ovarian region. On skin, it can produce eczema, pimples, vesicles and pustules and warty growth over the hands and soles.

Ammonium Muriaticum

When ammonium mur is taken in large doses, it produces irregular circulation of the blood. Most of the symptoms produced due to overdosage accompanied by a cough and profuse glairy secretions. The patient can suffer from hair fall with dandruff and itching. There can be a loss of smell. With this patient can also suffer from constipation due to which he can also have hemorrhoids. Females can have menorrhagia with severe pain, leucorrhea with pain. The patient can also have severe contracting pain in hamstring tendons. If he continues to take beside these harmful effects, he can in future suffer from cancer of the stomach.

Calcarea Carbonica

For this medicine, many of the stalwarts had said that this medicine is necessary to initiate growth, whether of tissues, muscles, and bones. But when the patient takes this medicine in larger doses it affects the growth developments rather leads to the retardation. With this lymphatic and mesenteric glands are also affected which can lead to secondary disorders of the secondary assimilation, scrofula, tuberculosis etc. There will be increased perspiration local as well general. There can abscess in the deep muscles; polypi and exostosis. With larger doses, if continued it can lead to even pituitary and thyroid dysfunction. There can be mucopurulent discharges. Females can suffer from menorrhagia; breast can be swollen and very tender. In children there will be late in learning to walk with this there can be increased sweat over the head which can wet the pillow.


Lycopodium when taken in large doses it produces an atomic state with congestion, catarrhal inflammation, and copious mucous discharges. The patient can suffer from slow, irregular digestion, flatulence and constipation, fermentation of food. Sour and burning eructation. The patient can also have severe hair fall. There can be profuse foot sweat. Even the patient can suffer from frequent painful micturition even in long-lasting cases when medicine is continued in large doses it can lead to dropsical condition with diminution of urine.

Natrum Muraticum

This medicine is made from common salt (chloride of sodium) but when it is taken in a large dose it affects the nutritive changes in the system which results in salt retention and that leads to dropies, edemas and alteration in blood and causes a condition of anaemia and leucocytosis. The patient will have severe weakness felt in the morning. All the discharges become excoriating and increased. Acting upon GIT when taken in large doses, it causes burning and pain in the fauces and stomach, redness and dryness in the mucous lining with a desire to vomit and in even in larger doses it causes vomiting and diarrhea. The patient will have a severe headache. Female will suffer from irregular menses with severe bearing down pain. There will be tachycardia and pulsation will be felt all over the body. There will be severe numbness and tingling in the fingers and lower extremities.

Phytolacca Berry

It is said that phytolacca berry is the most popular homeopathic medicine for weight loss. But when taken in large doses for reducing weight it produces very harmful reactions which even no one can imagine. When taken in large doses it produces excessive vomiting and purging, with great prostration and sometimes even leads to convulsions. There can be glandular swelling and indurations with heat and inflammation. The patient can have a sore throat, quinsy and diphtheria, with burning pain, cannot even swallow water. There can be also tetanus and opisthotonus. When given in large doses it produces the suppuration of the glands- thyroid, mammae, parotids, ovaries.


It is most commonly indicated in females who are in the premenopausal phase. Due hormonal imbalance most of the female gain weight. But when this medicine is taken in excess it causes scanty and delayed menses. It is said that this medicine causes anaemia of ovaries. When taken in excess it causes various skin diseases which have sticky, glutinous, transparent and watery discharges which is acrid in nature. It also causes redness of eyes, intense photophobia, and acrid discharges. It also causes digestive disturbances with excessive constipation.

Nux Vomica

This medicine in a crude form is a poison. When potentised it has a marvellous action. But when this medicine is taken in excess it has very harmful side effects. The main action of this medicine is through our CNS so its side effects symptoms are also from CNS. It causes irritation in ordinary reflex movements with hypersensitivity as in larger doses it affects motor neuron. It also causes digestive disturbances and produces a state of gastralgia with a bitter taste in the mouth. In larger doses it also causes constipation with no desire for stool, even can produce dysentery. In males, it can cause sexual impotence, spermatorrhoea. While in the female it may cause menorrhagia. In large doses, it can also produce convulsions.


It is also one of most indicated medicine for weight loss. It is suited to the patient who has the tendency to accumulate water in their cells and tissues. Thus they are called the hydrogenoid constitution. But when this medicine is taken in excess it causes body cells and tissue to retain water and thus patient weight gains more. Besides this when taken in excess it produces warty growth, spongy tumours all over the body. It can also cause inflammation of mucous membranes of sexual organs which produces acrid discharges, fig-warts, condylomata.

Fucus Vesiculosus

This medicine is a rare medicine but is frequently indicated in weight loss. But when taken in excess it causes obstinate constipation with disturbed digestion.

With these medicines, there are many more homeopathic medicines for weight loss but one must be aware of it with its side effects. As in homeopathy, there are more than 4000 remedies are there and many more which are still under proving in CCRH. SBL, on the other hand, has made many homeopathic patents for weight loss. But it is advised that without consultation with a Homeopathic Physician don’t take any medicines by own otherwise one should be ready for the side effects it can produce.