Top 7 Natural Treatments for Lupus

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The immune system in human body protects it from various infections and disorders, in general. However, in cases of autoimmune disorders, the immune system mistakes healthy cells and tissues in the body to be rogue ones and starts attacking them. Lupus is one such autoimmune disease which eventually leads to widespread tissue damage in body, inflammation and illness. It tends to affect Native Americans, Asians and Africans more than Caucasians. On an average, a majority of affected people are female. This chronic autoimmune disease triggers persistent inflammation, affecting major organs like lungs, kidneys, heart and brain. Thankfully, natural treatment for lupus can be used to keep the symptoms under control and obtain relief.

Treatment of Lupus

Diagnosis of Lupus is often hard owing to the fact that its symptoms can often resemble symptoms of health disorders like fibromyalgia and thyroid disorders. It is possible to lead a regular life with lupus, but at times, the symptoms may get aggravated- leading to a health crisis. The main symptoms are insomnia, joint pain, fatigue, headaches and skin rashes. While conventional treatments include NSAID pain relievers, corticosteroid drugs, synthetic hormone replacement drugs and thyroid medications- their application may induce side effects in victims. That explains why the demand for alternative treatment for lupus has gone up.

Find Alternative and Better ways to Heal Systemic Lupus Naturally

Since Lupus is basically an autoimmune disorder, treatment is mostly limited to controlling the symptoms and checking sudden flare ups. To evade the potential side effects caused by traditional medications a number of victims seek solution in natural remedies. The efficacy of alternative treatment for lupus varies from one victim to another. However, the good thing is that these remedies do not lead to adverse effects on the health of the affected lot.

Listed Below are 7 Top Natural Remedies for Lupus:

Anti-Inflammatory Diet:

Since lupus triggers inflammation in body cells and tissues one effective natural way to cope with it is by trying intake of anti inflammatory foods. By eating healthy and unprocessed foods, you can reduce the chance of inflammation in the body. Pesticide free crop is ideal for this. Eating fresh raw vegetables, fresh water fish and leafy greens can be especially useful in this regard.


natural way to get rid of  lupus-exercise

Performing specific type of workouts can help victims of lupus keep the symptoms under check, as per recent studies. Some moderate exercises may help lower stress and help improve quality of sleep. It will also help reduce the joint pain which is caused by inflammation. However, Lupus induces fatigue and that is why victims should not start exercising heavily. Starting on a low scale and gradually increasing the amount is what experts recommend. These can include walking, running, swimming, yoga and aerobics activities.

Stress Relief Techniques:

Stress is one of the triggers that can worsen lupus symptoms, as it has often been observed. So, resorting to means to reduce stress can help in controlling symptoms of Lupus. There is no fixedformula for stress reduction but yoga, meditation, comfort foods and acupuncture can help. Some people find reading books or resorting to hobbies like gardening help them in reducing stress levels.

Getting Rest and Sleep:

home remedies for lupus-rest and sleep

To cope with fatigue induced by Lupus, victims should ensure they get enough sleep. Eight hours of sleep is ideal for people with Lupus and sometimes a short nap at day time can be helpful too. For this, making feasible sleeping arrangements in the bedroom may be required.

Skin Protection and Care:

Lupus often affects your skin health adversely and so treating the skin carefully is required. You should use skin care products with care on affected skin parts to avoid worsening skin rash, lesions and spots. Evade exposing skin to direct sunlight as far as you can. Wearing a hat and sun-glasses when you have to go out in daytime is advisable. Avoid bathing in either cold or hot water and use lukewarm water to lessen the impact on the skin. Avoiding alcohol based perfumes and deodorants on the skin can also be helpful in this regard.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

home treatment for lupus-omega-3 fatty acids

Try eating foods with Omega-3 fatty acids such as oily fish and flax seeds. Additionally, you can intake supplements containing this component. This will help you cope with inflammation better.

Herbs to Fight Inflammation:

Some natural herbs can be used to fight the effects of Lupus on the body. Using Natural herbs like ginger and turmeric is among ways to heal systemic lupus naturally. You can use both these herbs in your diet in numerous ways to obtain the benefits.

Summing it up

While you can resort to using natural treatment for lupus, at times medical intervention may be required. Its impact can vary from an affected person to another. If you find applying natural remedies fail to yield results or complications worsening, consult a doctor soon. providing best Ayurvedic doctors in Hyderabad