6 Surprising Health Benefits of Hibiscus Flower Tea and Extract

Hibiscus Flower Tea

Using plant extracts is beneficial for humans and Hibiscus is one plant that has proven medicinal properties. Since ancient times, Hibiscus flower and leaves have been used by humans for its numerous health benefits. The flower is rich in antioxidant and contains key nutrients. You can use hibiscus flower in both topical ways and intake it in the form of juice and tea. The numerous health benefits of hibiscus tea have made it a favorite with millions of men and women. You can also mix hibiscus flower with other fruits and vegetables to make healthy juices at home and intake it.

From cholesterol lowering to calming tensed nerves, it has important health benefits. However, you also need to think of Hibiscus side effects before starting intake. Talking with a qualified doctor can help you evade the risk and obtain optimum benefits from this plant. Using organic hibiscus extract is the best option in this regard.

It is not without compelling reasons that so many women and men resort to natural and herbal extracts to resolve numerous health problems. Specific flowers and herbs have strong medicinal properties and application of these in the right way can help human combat various ailments and improve health conditions minus facing the side effects. Hibiscus is one such example. It is a bushy plant that produces beautiful flowers all over the year and grows mostly in a semi-tropical climate. The parts of Hibiscus plant, mostly the flowers are used to make oil, tea, juice, which is then used for health issues. Hibiscus Flower Tea, in particular, is used by plenty of men and women to combat ailments and stay healthier.

Ways to Use Hibiscus Flower

There are many ways in which you can make use of Hibiscus. You can use the flower and leaves of Hibiscus plant to make tea, juice and hair oil. These can be consumed in many ways to address numerous health woes and obtain benefits for hair and skin. Hibiscus tea has proven medicinal properties. You can buy hibiscus flower based tea in the market and it can also be prepared at home. It is devoid of caffeine and is low in calories. It is usually made by boiling the flower petals in water to which herbs like mint, ginger, and lemon are added. On the web, you can look for various Hibiscus Flower tea recipes. Similarly, you can make Hibiscus juice, which can be mixed with other vegetable and fruit juices and consumed thereafter.

Nutrients Found in Hibiscus Tea

As a matter of fact, tea made with hibiscus flower is replete with vital nutrients required by the human body. For example, you get a good amount of Vitamin C and A in it. It also contains zinc- an essential mineral. Besides, this tea contains essential fatty acids and iron in fair amounts. So, by consuming hibiscus flower tea your body’s nutritional requirements can be fulfilled to an extent.

How Hibiscus Flower Tea Works

There is fruit acids hibiscus that may act as natural laxatives in the body and this helps the body discard toxins better. The study findings suggest various antioxidants and phytonutrients in the plant help combat many health issues including blood pressure, cardiac health etc.

Major Health Benefits of Hibiscus Flower Tea

Below listed are major health benefits of using Hibiscus Tea:

1. Blood Pressure:

An American Heart Association report unveiled in 2008 shows in taking this tea can be beneficial for those suffering from hypertension. Other studies have also pointed out at its properties that fight the onset of elevated blood pressure in humans. This tea has anti-inflammatory properties and so helps in reducing high blood pressure in affected people. Its diuretic property is also helpful in lowering blood pressure levels.

2. Liver Benefits:

Recent studies have indicated drinking this tea may help in enhancing liver health to an extent. This helps in eliminating harmful substances that get accumulated in the liver.

3. Cholesterol Control:

Cholesterol has become a major problem in life for millions of people worldwide. The powerful antioxidants in hibiscus flower tea help lower cholesterol levels in your body. It helps remove excess LDL cholesterol from the body, thereby diminishing the risk of cardiac ailments in the long run.

4. Mood Boosting:

Nowadays, millions of people remain stressed and depressed owing to career or other factors in life. The flavonoids found in Hibiscus tea may help in calming the nervous system.

5. Digestion Aid:

Drinking this tea may also be good for digestion. It has proven diuretic properties and so helps discard toxin through urine. It is mildly laxative and so helps combat constipation in people too.

6.Hibiscus for Skin and Hair Health

While drinking hibiscus flower tea is beneficial for health, you can also make use of the flower and leaf extract to get numerous hair and skin benefits.

Hibiscus flower extract can be mixed with coconut oil to make awesome hair packs. This Hibiscus oil can be used to provide nourishment to the scalp and hair. Application of this oil also helps you get relief from hair fall and dandruff. A paste of the flower or dried flowers can be mixed with existing hair and applied to the scalp for such benefits. It also offers nourishment to scalp roots.

The skin benefits of hibiscus cannot be overlooked as well. A paste of hibiscus flower can be applied to the skin to combat issues like acne and suntan. It is also helpful for tightening skin and improving complexion.

Hibiscus Side Affects You Should be Aware Of

Using hibiscus in various forms is definitely good for health, but you need to be aware of possible side effects too. These are:

  • For safety, Hibiscus Flower Tea should not be used by women who are lactating or those who have conceived. It can increase the risk of miscarriage.
  • Those undergoing hormone therapies are advised not to intake hibiscus tea or juice.
  • Since hibiscus lowers blood pressure in the body, those with low blood pressure or hypotension should refrain from using it. It may lead to fainting and dizziness.
  • In some people, consumption of this tea has resulted in the onset of drowsiness and hallucination.
  • While hibiscus is not known for major interaction with drugs, those taking birth control pills and antidepressant medications should talk with a doctor before starting consumption of hibiscus juice or tea.

Summing It Up

There are many inherent benefits of using hibiscus flower in topical and other ways, for sure. However, you should stick to using Organic Hibiscus Extract for the best outcome. Besides, you should think of factors like the interaction with drugs you use and allergy possibilities before drinking hibiscus flower tea or using the flower and leaf extract in a topical way. Not all claimed health benefits of hibiscus have been proven in a scientific way. It is prudent that you discuss such issues with a veteran Ayurveda Specialists in Hyderabad before starting its use.